Arne Duncan’s teacher prep BS comes under fire by leading education researchers

Researchers urge Arne Duncan to drop proposed teacher prep regulations By Valerie Strauss Washington Post

• The regulations include an over-reliance on value-added measures (VAMs), which purportedly identify a causal relationship between student achievement, as measured by high-stakes test scores, and teacher competency. This is a highly controversial form of measurement that several leading research organizations have declared invalid and unreliable. The proposed regulations extend this relationship further to link teacher preparation programs to student achievement; because teacher education programs will be judged by the scores of the students in their graduate’s classrooms, programs may be reluctant to place their graduates in the most difficult and highest poverty classrooms where standardized test scores are more likely to be low.

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Folks I am telling you education is going to be a hot hot hot topic come 2016 elections and in Delaware State Rep Lavelle blew his chances at becoming governor with his flip-flop vote on H.B.# 334 ending up supporting Governor Markell’s reckless education agenda and allowing the federal government aka Arne Duncan further reach re: intrusion in local control.

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3 responses to “Arne Duncan’s teacher prep BS comes under fire by leading education researchers

  1. lastDEconservative

    Reading the article would have left a mark, so I didn’t, but I did scan quickly up to the point of hair pain and found this gem:

    “We recommend that you develop a process for revising these regulations that substantively includes the educational community in advancing your goal of making teacher preparation programs more accountable for successful preparation of teachers.”

    Who was the genius that coined the “dial turners” moniker? Oh, yeah, me. In other words, “Arne, do with us what you will, omniscient and omnipresent One, just give us a little ol’ dial to turn over here so we can save face.” The dues payers should be happy he’s only making noise ACTING like he’s doing something — do they really think he will hurt them as long as they pay their union vig and cast those votes for the socialists? And as for perceived slights in the public eye being a concern? What? Who’s paying attention to any of this but the rest of the egghead elites and a handful of us thrill seekers out here in the wilderness seeking entertainment? Good grief. The average “educator” has only four years to go by the time their first evaluation comes along anyway!


  2. lastDEconservative

    ” … several leading research organizations have declared invalid and unreliable.”

    I’m sure Arne laughs out loud at this! Several? Out of the thousands upon thousands of such assemblies of harrumphing elites, wringing hands and’a carrying signs? Several.


  3. Publius e decere

    LDC is making my head hurt.

    Despite his faults, Greg Lavelle is the man for the job. 334 times over.