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Will congress listen to this teacher?

Arne Duncan’s teacher prep BS comes under fire by leading education researchers

Researchers urge Arne Duncan to drop proposed teacher prep regulations By Valerie Strauss Washington Post

• The regulations include an over-reliance on value-added measures (VAMs), which purportedly identify a causal relationship between student achievement, as measured by high-stakes test scores, and teacher competency. This is a highly controversial form of measurement that several leading research organizations have declared invalid and unreliable. The proposed regulations extend this relationship further to link teacher preparation programs to student achievement; because teacher education programs will be judged by the scores of the students in their graduate’s classrooms, programs may be reluctant to place their graduates in the most difficult and highest poverty classrooms where standardized test scores are more likely to be low.

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Folks I am telling you education is going to be a hot hot hot topic come 2016 elections and in Delaware State Rep Lavelle blew his chances at becoming governor with his flip-flop vote on H.B.# 334 ending up supporting Governor Markell’s reckless education agenda and allowing the federal government aka Arne Duncan further reach re: intrusion in local control.

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History continues in North Carolina! NC’s first transgender delegate to the DNC makes a run for state chair! @ncdemparty @washingtonpost @huffingtonpost @nytimes @theobserver @cltnewswatch @washtimes @cnn @thencpress @todayshow @GLBT_news @uncyoungdems @equalitync @BBCworld

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A candidate for the chairmanship of the North Carolina Democratic Party has received support from a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Executive Committee.  Matt Comer Editor for Qnotes

Janice Covington Allison is the first transgender candidate to run for the top leadership post in North Carolina’s Democratic Party.

On Wednesday, Allison picked up a national endorsement from Babs Siperstein, a New Jersey Democratic donor and the first transgender person elected as a member of the DNC’s Executive Committee.

“There is much to admire about Janice, her ideals for fairness and equality for all people, her street smarts and common sense, her willingness to work hard as a leader and a team player for the Democratic Party and her tenacity and willingness to fight for what is right and the ideals of The Party! She leads by example! TENACITY… She’s got it!,” Siperstein wrote in a public status on Allison’s Facebook campaign page.

Siperstein added, “If North Carolina Democrats need to be shaken up, if the people of the Tar Heel State need a wake up call…. take North Carolina back for the PEOPLE, all the people… Janice Covington Allison could surprise everyone and do it! Just DO IT! Go Girl!!”

Janice Covington Allison’s life began in Delaware and she attended school in Red Clay and served her state and country in Korea during the mid 1960’s. Janice grew up in a home where politics was always a kitchen table topic. In fact Janice’s mother was very active in LBJ election where neighbor who opposed LBJ sent their teenage sons to stone her house. To this day years later there are a few stone dents in the aluminum siding. Janice’s mother kept her eyes forward and stuck to her mission. Janice has those same qualities and in fact, despite of many odds became the first North Carolina transgender to become a delegate to the 2012 DNC and perhaps the country. Now Janice continues to fight the odds to become the first transgender to serve as chairperson of the North Carolina Democratic Party. 

Though LGBT issue are dear to Janice, Janice is concerned with all issues and rights impacting everyone throughout North Carolina and America. To stand in the face of discrimination by others for the sake of others is a very fine quality and is perhaps heroic.  

Janice endure a life of discrimination and as a young teen her transgender identity was locked away from her siblings whereas her parents knew and wanted protect Janice from social ridicule and perhaps the family. When Janice came out to her brother about ten years ago it wasn’t a total surprise because her brother had read letters with pictures Janice sent her mother back in the 1960’s. When Janice came out to her brother, her brother joking said, “I can live with you being a girl but damn, a democrat”. Her brother was the GOP chair for his representative district and a member of the state GOP committee in Delaware at the time. Janice and her brother often talked about the struggles of LGBT had in each political party and certainly the GOP not being the loving bunch when it came to LGBT. Janice confided in her brother about hormone replacement therapy whereas her brother became concerned with the dangers associated with HRT.   

The people of North Carolina should be proud and embrace Janice Covington Allison’s dreams and goals as those dreams and goals are about the rights and quality of life for others. Like America, North Carolina is a diverse community of people and as diversity in America continues to expand so is the diversity needs in representation of the people. All people! Janice could have stayed in the shadows but her deep-seeded political foundation going back to days when neighborhood parents gathered at kitchen tables to discuss politics perhaps help her to step-up for others. Though Janice’s father was troubled by Janice’s gender crisis and was abusive to Janice, her father was a union activist fighting for worker rights going back into the 1950’s. Her father’s career advancement ended when he refused to play ball with one of the world’s largest corporations. Janice Covington Allison brings strong democratic values to the table! Politically she has the courage and knowledge to be an outstanding party leader that can help bind the diversity within.  

Those casting votes selecting the chairperson for the North Carolina Democratic Party can help advance the fight for diversity within the party, a must in sustaining the democratic values.

The current state chair mission statement included this:

“As State Chair, I will lead the charge to revitalize our communities through equal opportunities for all. By rebuilding our communities and reinvigorating the vitality of the grassroots we will challenge the cynical cycle of tribalism, prejudice and bigotry – and we will restore the American Dream for all North Carolina.” Randy Voller, Chairman North Carolina Democratic Party

North Carolina must continue that direction