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Sunday sermon for Red Clay School Board

Those who sit at the right and left hand of the Red Clay God (Merv) better take a hard look in the mirror. Though school superintendents make many request for school board approval it is the school board who makes the final approval with no veto power on the super’s part. In the big picture the super’s failures are the board’s failures.  

Merv like every super in this state is a CEO of a unionized corporation where the workers own many legislator. Somewhere in the middle are the children who we always seem to want to put first. Public education is ugly and driven by power, ego, politics and money which are never aligned for the true benefit of children. I can and have straight-up or in my cryptic way ridicule many including Merv. My dislike of some players in this equation like Markell, Hudson and now Lavelle among others has nothing to do with them personally but has to do with their roles in education. I don’t share confidential E-mails or sources. Publius is disliked by many but I respect his rights to weigh-in but certainly don’t always agree with his positions. I’ve been picking on DE DOE Penny but give her much credit for going across the grain to reach out is her bold way. I respect that! In a nutshell, many of us who engaged in public education do so by career choice certainly wanting to make a difference and some of us who don’t ask for a dime do so as part of good or bad is some eyes as our mission to give back. 

I am dishearten to hear (rumor of course) some board members want to throw Merv overboard midstream (before the end of his contract). Those who think Merv may be the problem are just as much the problem. I must remind everyone, it was the unions including DSEA who approved Race to The Top laced with Common Core and Smarter Balanced seeds. And now we hear all the crying from labor as to the ill-effects of the fallout! Yet labor refuses to put a face on the “system”! They refuse to chastise Governor Markell who alienated even his close friends with his love affair with his own ego! Markell pulled the D.C. and Wall Street Trojan Horse threw the gates of Delaware. Markell bullied Merv and all other supers and many board members to kiss his royal ass! The “union” were Markell enablers with Judas carrying the flag! 

I urge Red Clay board members plotting against Merv (rumor of course) to pull their horns in and not degrade the “man” who is stuck in the same political bullshit as many of you. Also board members keep in mind, you are “politicians”. You ran for public office with many promising transparency and courage to lead! Don’t get me wrong for the most part you are doing a great job and I love the individuality among you that does cause friction. A board that refuses to be individuals and cut across the grain is a dangerous body of people. We’ve seen what Markell has assemble within DE DOE! A puppet show full of Rodel clones and ass kissers! So I urge the Red Clay school board members who are sowing a coup to back off (rumor of course). Think about it, should we demand each board member who approve the Markell priority school agenda even in a water-down version to step-down? If you have the courage to tarnish a man’s career why not let that man be Markell and not Merv (rumor of course). Let the man compete his contract if he wishes and then assets and evaluate the direction “you” want the district to go!    

Thank you Rep Debbie Hudson and Sen Greg Lavelle for victimizing school children and their parents

Tough new Delaware testing concerns parents Matthew Albright, The News Journal

But because of the more in-depth approach, scores are expected to plummet on the new test.

Fewer than half and, in some cases, barely a third of students are expected to score well enough to be considered proficient. On the previous assessment, the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System, about 70 percent of students met that bar.

The end-of-the-year test also will take longer than DCAS.

For elementary students, the English portion could take four hours, and the math section could take three hours. For middle school students, the test could take seven and a half hours, while juniors might need eight and a half hours – about twice as long as the SAT or ACT college-entrance exams.

Debbie and Greg, two Republicans who claim they are against the overreaching arms of the federal government yet both supported House  Bill # 334 and Governor Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda.  And as a bonus Hudson abandoned her own House Bill #23 that would require all school board to record the public session of their board meetings. Shame on you Debbie and Greg! Mushrooms grow better in the dark and that’s where Debbie wants to keep parents! 

State education leaders say Common Core is a necessary step to “raising the bar” so Delaware’s students can compete with kids from countries with the most elite educational systems in the world. And Smarter Balanced is the way to figure out how close students are to vaulting over that higher bar.

Looks like Jimmy Olsen inhales! 

Yep those rumors are flying again! DE Sec of Ed Murphy is preparing and exit !

Multiple sources indicates Mark Murphy is out-bound ! The sad part of it all it our state legislators haven’t stood-up and demanded Murphy’s removal! 

So let’s just go along with this rumor! Murphy goes so who is next in line?? South Street Jenny ;). Bobby A? Merv? Mike Matthews? Publius?

Personally, it is time the position of Delaware Secretary of Education should be an elected one. We need a firewall between public schools and asshole governors.  John Carney once floated the idea of decentralizing the Delaware Department of Education. Something has to give and it looks like Markell will continue his wrongheaded public education agenda because our state legislators lack the courage to put an end to it! You’d think at best they would call for Murphy’s removal and do get me wrong, Murphy is person but as a public education leader I am sorry, he sucks!  

Will Christina fall to an all charter school district? Be careful what you wish for DOE Jenny!

Christina School District starts cutting costs Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Two days after voters slapped down a request to raise property taxes to cover growing costs, the Christina School District announced Thursday cost-cutting actions to prepare for a looming budget deficit.

The district has placed a freeze on new hiring and axed all travel for district personnel. District administrators also cut school budgets and directed department heads and principals to start cutting overtime, reducing contracted services and eliminating or leaving unfilled positions in which teachers get extra pay for extra responsibilities, like advisers and coaches.

“We don’t want people to think that we’re going to start shutting programs down now. We’re very respectful of what our students and schools are engaged in,” said Superintendent Freeman Williams. “At the same time, we need to be prudent and responsible and begin to prepare for the adjustments we need to make.”

The district also will begin looking at possible reductions to pay for administrators and will invite teacher unions to discuss the possibility of reduced pay or eliminating jobs, Williams said.

The Markell tarot cards are lining up for collapse of Christina School District. If this were to happen and legislators answer is divided Christina and fold it into Red Clay, Brandywine and Colonial they’ll have a big surprise!  There will be push-back from from these district communities because the need would be so great the funding required to restore Christina programming will hurt programming in the receiving district. You can bet those districts will go to referendum many times!

If DOE Jenny is envisioning an all charter school district takeover of Christina she better think twice. DOE Jenny has job stability issues! Markell will be go and as we know in Delaware out goes the trash left behind! She better stick to California dreaming! 

To the brothers in Wilmington! It’s time to man-up and call for a Wilmington School District! If you think Red Clay, Brandywine, Colonial or a charter district is going to solve “your” problem, you got it wrong! The time is ripe to take ownership and stop being “owned”. If Red Clay were to takeover Christina priority schools I assure you Red Clay as we know it will suffer. Red Clay’s basement is currently filling with water and as one board member helps bail another may is adding it back. The Red Clay coup d’etat has begun and the notion of Red Clay taking any school from any other district isn’t going to happen. Good brothers of Wilmington, Markell doesn’t give a shit about Christina! He want’s revenge because Christina didn’t bow-down to kiss ring or ass! Don’t farm your children out to a district that still uses force busing one way and one color.

OMG coup d’etat Red Clay style ;)


Get your decoder rings out folks ! Some where between binary, hex and decimal you’ll find it! That’s four bottles of Makers Mark for you Publius.  

The C-17 load-master needs a big Red Clay Chicken Dinner! Careers will be on the line! Back off Johnny Jet ! 

DE DOE idiots screw up again re: High School Dropout Data! See for yourself.

I just started reviewing DE DOE’s “official” high school dropout report and here we go again!!!!!!!!!

See page 13 Dropout by District , Delaware Academy of Public Safety.  2013-14, 5.2% dropout rate. Then go to page 14 Dropout by School, Delaware Academy of Public Safety 2013-14, 0.0% WTF ?

Also, do note DE DOE’s usage of  the <15. This is a manipulation tool where as DE DOE doesn’t show actual number of dropouts. This was used for 19 high schools. DE DOE doesn’t want to be precise because they can manipulate the data to produce desirable data outcomes. Isn’t it amazing Delaware Secretary of Education blows the “data” horn and yet he uses <15 data manipulation to game the data to desirable outcomes. Come on Mr & Mrs Heff! WTF ?   


Big changes coming to DE DOE! The RTTT shuffle is about to take place

Folks DE DOE individuals hired via Race to The Top federal grant are going to be shuffled whereas they keep their employment with DE DOE under state funding. But don’t worry, within a year you’ll see the exodus of the corporate laced trash Markell brought into the $$$ circle! 

The governorship will stay in the hands re: 2016 election! That is a FACT! However, there will be a purging of DE DOE removing the Rodel cancer!    

Red Clay Referendum VICTORY !

The referendum has passed! 6355-5484!

Thanks Mike for keeping us post! 

Today’s referendum: A case study in Optimism v. Nilhilism

Just got back from voting in Red Clay’s referendum ! WTF

I’ll give kudos to Kenny and the school board for supporting all the school events at the polling schools. With the amount of kids and “parents” in Conrad gym and school, Conrad polling place will carry many yes votes!

Now here is my problem, we pull into a packed parking lot with kids and adult roaming in the poorly lit parking lot. Trying to find a spot to park was a bitch and well as trying to get out! The there was Richey school another polling place holding events jamming Highland Ave where only one car can’t get through! And yep more people walking in the dark streets! 

From what I saw, I predict a major win for Red Clay. The organized activities at the polling schools will trump any senior citizen push against the referendums. 

All is fair in love , war and school referendums! So an early congratulation to Kenny and the board!  Very tactful move 🙂 

Federal Guidance States Specific Interest Is Not An Enrollment Preference For Charters, Delaware In Violation

Exceptional Delaware

“A charter school may weight its lottery to give slightly better chances for admission to all or a subset of educationally disadvantaged students if State law permits the use of weighted lotteries in favor of such students.”

Early College High School, the new charter school that opened in Dover, DE this academic year submitted a request for a major modification.  On February 2nd, they had their meeting with the Charter School Accountability Committee.  What happened at this meeting looks like it took the Charter School Accountability Committee completely by surprise.  It turns out, Federal charter school law does not allow specific interest as an enrollment preference for admission to a charter school.

Early College High School’s major modification request was to change their enrollment preference to take out both the specific interest clause and weighted enrollment preference for the children of any of the school’s founders.  The school said they…

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Arthur says why no school -15 degree wind chill one day but school the next -15 degree wind chill day school in session?

Maybe someone here can answer a question. Last Friday schools were closed with -15 degree wind chills. Tomorrow there will be -15 degree wind chills also but schools are open. Why?

Very interesting point Arthur! 

Governor Markell $$$$$ rapes school districts and want the public to pay his bail

So here we are on the eve of Red Clay and Christina’s referendums and many in the public are fired up! Markell cuts transportation funding to our schools and threatens to cut senior citizen’s school tax rebates! 

Markell’s back-$$$$-filling Race to The Top programs with local taxes and indeed the same will go for Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Sure we want our children to have the best and sure we want our amazing public school teachers compensated for a job well done! The means to “Judge” our public schools are Markell’s wrongheaded education agenda going from DSTP, DCAS and now The Smarter Balanced Assessment. DCAS worked! Look at the high school dropout rate at an all time low and look at the graduation rate improving under DCAS. So why are we spending an additional 12 million dollars a year on the Smarter Balanced Assessment? Markell bullied his way forcing school districts to go along or face deeper state funding cuts. Ask Jack what happened to the Minner Reading and Math Teachers? And Extra-Time state grant?? 

Yes we need these referendums for the kids but damn Governor Markell continues to $$$ rape our local school districts! Then there is Senator not the right time to run for governor Greg Lavelle! Then the is Representative parents you don’t need to hear school board meeting recordings Debbie Hudson! MARKELL ENABLERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Markell is doing all he can to undermined the school district to justify charter schools.  Indeed we need to pass the referendums but sad to say it’s just paying Markell’s rape $$$$$$ bail! 

Senator Lavelle is absolutely correct! Now is not the time to run for governor!

“The Education Industrial Complex, encouraged and supported by too much Federal Government interference, endlessly diverts money into consultants and others instead of the classroom. I support strong standards and testing and would hope that the legions of Delaware administrators and others at the Department of Education, assisted by teachers, could develop them.  That said, the current practice of changing the “program” every few years will almost ensure that no accountability ever occurs.  Time will always be needed to implement, implement, and implement yet again.  A financing and financial reporting system that allows cross district comparisons on a variety of metrics also appears to be lacking.” Senator Greg Lavelle

Greg you were the best hope for the DE GOP but you’re stuck far right! Your biggest blunder is supporting Jack Markell’s education agenda with your yes vote on H.B.# 334. You helped open the gateway to greater federal intervention with your yes vote!

So where does this leave the DE GOP? Where they belong, not governor! As far a Rep Hudson bailing on H.B. #23, I call it life in the big city! She continues to protect Markell and denies the people access to the truth! So be it!  

The 2016 race for the governor house will be down to Denn and Gordon on the D side! On the R side, nothing but spinning wheels to nowhere! I give it 70% Denn 30% Gordon! However, if Gordon really wants to win now is the time to move. Beau Biden??? Ain’t going to happen! The Biden magic is fading!