Yep !! Red Clay’s board does a CYA on questionable meeting at Brandywine PTO meeting

During Red Clay’s regular monthly board meeting held January 27, 2015 the board’s Executive Secretary aka Merv added minutes to be approved from the questionable gathering of the school board at January 7, 2015 Brandywine PTO meeting.  Don’t spill your iced tea Steve! I am just making a recap of the previous posts the illegal board meeting 🙂 LOL! Relax, just joking! However, for the record, Merv did the right thing by adding these minutes and I think the board may be a little more conscious of future meetings of such where the board president Kenny pulled an Obama / Markell, I am the king and I’ll do what I want :).  If we’re ever to regain that so-called local control and free ourselves from tyrant Jack Markell and the overreaching arm of the federal government in public education where even the Delaware GOP seems to support, we the people need to question all actions of the school board who serve at the pleasure of the public. 

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