Will Delaware State Legislators be sucked into the next phase of common core re: new school ratings? YEP!

Should Delaware schools get letter grades like kids do? Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Delaware is in the process of developing a new way of reporting school performance on its school accountability “report card.” The new accountability system will be split into two parts.

No Delaware is in the process of supporting another Common Core like push seeded by Arne Duncan. Delaware Liberal and Delaware Way unknowingly exposed an A,B,C,D,F national agenda Posted on by kilroysdelaware.

Once again Delaware state legislators will be baited in to another scheme to push a national agenda that will damage Delaware schools.

The first section includes the measures required by the federal government, including the percentage of students proficient in math and reading on the state standardized test; “college and career readiness” items like SAT scores, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual enrollment or trade certifications; and graduation rates.

The second half will include other measures the Department of Education will include based on input from parents and educators, which could include things like school climate surveys, staff attendance, parent attendance at conferences, drop-out rates and progress in closing achievement gaps.

State officials say they want to create a more nuanced system than previous accountability systems like the often-maligned Annual Yearly Progress, which relied mostly on scores on standardized tests.

The Delaware Department of Education over and over demonstrated they lack the capacity to be effective partners in education and for the most part , parents don’t trust DE DOE and knows DE DOE is nothing more than a bunch of Markell political puppets. 

The Department of Education is still working on a design, but officials say one of the chief requirements is that the system needs to be clear and easy for parents to understand.

“This is about providing relevant and transparent information so our families can make the school decisions best for their children,” Secretary of Education Mark Murphy said in a news release

Let’s start with transparent school board meetings and transparent credit-card expenditures by charter schools! It seems all the decision for “families” are made without families! We had a rating system of Superior, Commendable, Academic Review and Watch. What part of “Superior” confused parents? The change is all about creating a “diversion” to kick the can of failure within the Delaware Department of Education and Markell down the road.

Federal rules require states to include some kind of rating system, and Delaware has gone through several incarnations. In the past, the state had school ratings of “superior,” “commendable” and “academic watch,” and a system that named some schools Partnership Zone schools, some Focus schools, and some Reward and Recognition Schools.

There it is, “federal rules”. 

“I do believe the terminology that has been used over the past 10 years or so has changed numerous times, and it has not always been relevant or understandable,” said Mark Holodick, who is chief of the school chiefs association and who, as superintendent in the Brandywine School District, will see his district and its schools rated. “Moving to a transparent, equitable and fair framework is critical.”

Mark were talking about DE DOE and Arne Duncan! Fair and transparent !!!!!!!!! Get real!

Holodick says it’s important that, whatever formula the state comes up with, it factors in the communities and student populations the schools serve. Inner city schools, where teachers help students battle poverty, hunger, and other problems, should simply be rated “worse” than schools in affluent suburban neighborhoods.

“We know the most challenging work, the most difficult work, is that in our schools with high needs populations, and this framework has to strongly consider that,” Holodick said. “What you don’t want is to have a system that is simply aligned with socio-economic status.”

So D’s and F’s for inner city school and A, B and C for suburban schools. At the end of the day without needs based funding we’ll have new labels with the same underlining problems.

The most recent label state officials have assigned is to six inner-city Wilmington “Priority Schools,” which they have targeted for a turnaround. Many teachers in those schools have complained that state and federal officials continue to place labels that make parents believe schools are failing and demoralize students and staff.

“There seems like there is this constant desire to have some kind of metric to rank and rate,” Jenner said. “And I just don’t see the point.”

Well hello Ms Jenner!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree!!!!!!!!!

Bill Doolittle, president-elect of the state PTA, sits on the working group that is developing the system. He agreed that it would be unwise to judge a school based on a letter grade alone, and emphasized that the report card parents receive would include detailed figures to give parents more information.

“Certainly we want parents to look deeper than just a certain letter,” Doolittle said. “And I think that’s the intent of the overall process here, to give parents more information.”

If you this the letter grading is unwise, why is PTA working with state? Why not just say “NO”. Bill the fucking intent is Markell pushing a national common core everything agenda! What next Bill, the same common method of ranking colleges?? 

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  1. All I can think of as I keep reading posts about what the state wants to do I hear a deep voices movie narrator say “from the same legislators who brought you the tiered diploma comes a new scheme…”


  2. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Agreed, Kilroy

    DDOE, in my experience since 2002, has demonstrated
    a lack of capacity in designing, building, and sustaining
    Quality Education criteria, assessments, tools, training
    and a community for those dedicated to helping
    organizations improve.

    By contrast, in 2000, Montgomery Cty S.D. began this journey
    and, as of friday, their state graduation rate achieved a
    favorable record milestone.

    Delaware education leaders continue to ignore the benefits
    go learning from role model schools, Quality Education conferences,
    strategic alliances with the dynamic and growing quality community.

    Has any legislators considered adding the Delaware State Quality Award Program to have a seat on ANY task force?

    Reminder: then Gov. Tom Carper, at a cabinet meeting, handed
    out a blank sheet of paper to all seated. When asked if this was
    placed in their folder in error; He bristled: NO. This is for you
    departments improvement plan.

    Little has been learned in the past 15 years regarding planning, program assessment, continuous improvement and sustainability.

    It’s never too late to invite the joy of learning into the conversation.


    • Greg, you are completely, totally IGNORING the content of the post. The feds are forcing mandates down our throats. This is not about state level department competencies. It is about breaking free of the yoke of ESEA and NCLB bullshit.


    • Publius e decere

      Maybe Greg is ignoring the post for a reason.

      Nice final sentence, clearly based on a pre-NCLB education.

      Today, parents each have their own individual rating system for schools. It is a binary-criteria system. And they act on it. I think the state is wasting its time and our tax dollars coming up with “another” rating system. Just look at where people choose to go, follow that data, and then work to make every school just as attractive.

      The best way to put choice “out of business” is to make every school good. No more need for ratings.

      But if you try to get there by tearing down success, you are unlikely to make much progress. Instead, work on building up and improving the schools-less-chosen.

      Now, there is some yolk for you omlette.



  3. Great job, Kilroy. We all need to work to educate the legislature on just what they are signing up for here.


  4. Greg MAZZOTTA

    delawareway – thanks for your comment. I intended this to include
    our federal legislators as well by providing some context and history.
    By citing successful schools, recently in MD, TX, WI, MO the awareness level will build and make it easier for federal and local
    legislators to have access to the tools of education transformation.

    On a conference call last week, one school board member stated that
    it’s not the policy to endorse one program, meaning their frustration
    was felt because they are seeing improvements with the alignment,
    and measurement of “systems thinking” in Education.

    Let’s help accelerate the learning with proven transformational programs. I was asked if there would come a time for which, in
    education, like health care, an change in the accreditation may
    impact the deployment of Quality Education. I do see this coming
    as the accreditation groups are beginning to collaborate.


    • lastDEconservative

      Robin to KO’s Batman.


    • Greg is not Robin. In the vast catalog of DC heroes, I would put Greg as the Martian Manhunter. He has a different perspective on things based on years of knowledge. He’s not like the rest of us, but he offers a unique spin on things.

      As for me being Batman, I would have to give that one to John Young. I prefer the Flash. Kilroy is definitely Green Lantern. Publius is Ra’s Al Ghul. Pencadermom is Catwoman. Delaware Way is Zatanna. And you my friend, are Shade the Changing Man. So who is Superman? I would give that one to Mike Matthews.


    • Catwoman? huh?? ohh, because I look like Halle Berry. ok.


    • lastDEconservative

      Damn! I knew it!


    • PMom, I have no clue what you look like! When I think media Catwoman, I think Michelle Pfeiffer, or that one with the accent from the 60s Batman show. Halle Berry never did it for me as Catwoman.


    • eh whatever. Ok, so I look like Michelle Pfeiffer. either one. But seriously? Halle Berry doesn’t do it for you? geez, I’m married (to a guy) and she does it for me 😀 ok, googling this 60’s catwoman, not familiar.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … and she does it for me … ”

      Damn! I knew it!


    • lastDEconservative

      Uh, oh. KO has returned to default setting, wandering off the reservation (well, ‘the’ reservation, not necessarily his reservation) with his Wong Foo Catwoman. I’ll stick with Pmom and Halle, thank you very much, when I need a refreshing image.


    • lastDEconservative

      “As for me being Batman, I would have to give that one to John Young. I prefer the Flash. Kilroy is definitely Green Lantern. Publius is Ra’s Al Ghul. Pencadermom is Catwoman. Delaware Way is Zatanna. And you my friend, are Shade the Changing Man. So who is Superman? I would give that one to Mike Matthews.”

      So, when did you last get a good night’s sleep? Whew!

      PS: Matthew’s cape is more of a dusty rose color. Don’t know if that influences your opinion, Thor, I mean Flash.


    • Whoa, mixing Marvel and DC with your last comment there lastDE! Not a good thing to do. I get plenty of restful nights of sleep. To each his own with Catwoman. Now if we’re talking Wonder Woman…Lynda Carter is THE WW! I’m fairly certain Matthews couldn’t give a crap what you think, no offense…

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  5. Greg MAZZOTTA

    delawareway – I read the attached and wonder if Mr. Reyna
    is aware of the work done in Quality Education from 2000 to present.
    Thanking the Congress for inviting Health Care and Education to
    participate in the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.

    This is a private public partnership and available to Delaware at
    no charge.


  6. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Publius – not ignoring the post as you assert. Every school can aspire to go from good to great. Proudly, I help guide education leaders
    that are committed to improve.

    The body of knowledge, 2000 to present, continues to grow, internationally, with help fro the American Society for Quality, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and much, much more.

    Legislators – local, state, federal – are taking note of this, however,
    they are unwilling, understandably, mandate any means for doing
    school improvement.

    I’d like to see the Delaware State Quality Award Program named after
    Sen. Tom Carper at some point.


  7. Plain and simple…this is a bunch of crap !! Politicians screwing up again….