Daily Archives: January 30, 2015

Is House Bill #39 creating a profit center and more deaths in Wilmington for illegal marijuana (drug) dealings

Delaware marijuana decriminalization bill introduced Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

The legislation, House Bill 39, would treat simple possession of the drug, and private use, like a traffic ticket. Selling the drug, and also possessing marijuana with an intent to sell, would remain criminal offenses.

So possession of marijuana under one ounce will be legal but buying it from someone holding more than an ounce will still be a crime. Or wait the buyer won’t be charged, just the seller??

At the end of the day, H.B. #39 will create a market for marijuana and who will be profiting? Honestly if H.B.#39 is some kind of stepping stone to state run marijuana tax and sales then lets just get it done. How many young men are going to die in the new marijuana turf-war? Surely there will be those drug dealers jocking for control whether it be a street corner, neighborhood or city.

Yes perhaps the time has come to address marijuana laws but H.B.#39 is like throwing a pebble in a pond without know the ripple effect! I hope our state legislators stop and analyze full impact of H.B. #39 to send a clear message to employers re: pre-employment and random drug screening. Also, what impact will H.B.#39 have on illegal sales of marijuana?