Delaware Governor Markell’s plan to reduce senior citizens’ discount on local school taxes will have negitive impact on Red Clay’s 02/24/2015 Referundum

State budget: Millions in senior tax breaks cut Jon Offredo, The News Journal

For seniors, the state currently pays up to $500 of a property owner’s school taxes. Under the governor’s proposed budget the state would pay about half of that. Residents 65 and over have to have lived in Delaware for at least three years to qualify for the subsidy.

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Red Clay Consolidated School District Referendum – February 24, 2015

Governor Markell’s proposed budget socks it to senior citizens by cutting their school tax discount in half! Just another taxman Jack, taxing the people to back-fill his wrongheaded public education agenda. And OMG there he goes again dipping into the transportation trust fund again! 

I just don’t get it, Markell brags about all the new jobs “he” created and how Delaware economy is bouncing back but yet he wants put the tax screw to senior citizens. Markell never came clean on how much the contract was re: hiring them to takeover Moyer Charter School the last time he tried to close it !

I am sure Markell’s call for cutting senior citizens’ school tax discount will have a negative impact on Red Clay’s upcoming operational referendum. And folks don’t forget, when Red Clay’s local school tax goes up more money flows to all the charter schools within Red Clay’s boundaries!  

Way to go Governor Markell!  

7 responses to “Delaware Governor Markell’s plan to reduce senior citizens’ discount on local school taxes will have negitive impact on Red Clay’s 02/24/2015 Referundum

  1. I’m confused. Last year capt jack wanted a 10 cent gas tax to fix roads but now the same amout the tax would have raised is being used to fill his incompetency. Unfortunately no one else will recognize he was lying about the purpose of the gas tax


  2. Arthur; what happened makes good sense… If you ask your boss for a raise to cover necessary living expense, and he refuses, you have to then take money out of savings to cover…

    It would be wrong for your boss to point out your decrease in savings, and say, see, he was going to take that out anyway; Glad I didn’t give him a raise.


  3. I don’t imagine the potential change to senior tax cuts will play well for Christina’s referendum as well.


  4. lastDEconservative

    Ahh, budget season. It’s a shame there’s not a bounty on distractions. If enough of them were removed (bagged and tagged), some of the gallons of real ink and cyber blather spilled about it might actually be directed to what’s really going on by asking where has the money they already confiscated gone.


  5. Joanne Christian

    All I can say is he needs his own billboard that touts that gambling addiction stuff. “Saving the Casinos” again…… screaming for an intervention, that we Delaware taxpayers need to show some tough love……and financial therapy.

    “But Dad, it’s my lunch money” is my personal favorite on the roadway. Yup, in this state it’s true…..slots over schools.