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Lame-Duck Jack Markell won’t take action on “Wilmington’s” education recommendations! Just more kicking the can down the road!

Committee: Take Christina, Colonial out of Wilmington Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Wilmington’s school system needs sweeping changes if its children are to escape the poverty and crime threatening their futures, a committee created by Gov. Jack Markell said Monday.

The first mistake was Jack Markell’s involvement! Many of the existing problems are a result of Markell failed education agenda. I ‘ll spare the YouTube video but Markell did acknowledge re-segregation via charter schools and flawed charter admission laws allowing discrimination re: Specific Interest charter admission preferences. The there is the Delaware Department of Education who lack “capacity” for understanding law and part of their mission to provide technical assistance.    

The Wilmington Education Advisory Council’s recommendations would drastically rework how the city’s schools are managed, funded, and operated. They include: 

Removing the Christina and Colonial School Districts from the city

Yea one way to get rid of the amazing board member John Young. Can’t find anyone to beat him at election time, just dissolve the district 🙂  “Christina, especially the Christina School Board, has a reputation for clashing with the state, sometimes attempting to derail state leaders’ plans.” This shows you how fucked up the News Journal is and how it’s bias to Markell.

Placing a hold on the approval of new charter schools until the state can design a comprehensive plan for how they should grow

Well that can be done within 10 days re: legislative action but odds are you won’t see any legislation calling for a moratorium. This would conflict with the states NCLB wavier that allows the option to close a traditional school and reopen as a charter.  

Changing the way schools are funded in Delaware to funnel more resources to high-poverty schools

Easy solution, fund traditional and charter school the same way as votechs. However, there is the capital funding issue funding for “charter corporations”.  

Creating an office of education in Wilmington government to give city officials more say in what happens in schools.

State legislation should be enacted giving Wilmington authority to authorize charter schools and to transfer existing charter schools located in Wilmington as their charter renewals comes due. So which legislator will be brave enough to get this legislation rolling?

We hear all about mayoral control of public schools so why not give Wilmington that mayoral control?

Folks it will take at least three years to see any action on this plan! And certainly you don’t want Markell and his band of Rodel and Teach for America clones involvement. The best thing to do is, enact that law giving the City Wilmington that charter authority, provide preferential choice transportation to Wilmington children to suburban schools especially Red Clay and give the first choice over in-district and out of district choice application coming from suburban students. Give Charter School of Wilmington it’s marching order to vacate Red Clay’s Wilmington Campus to give-way to a traditional high school for city kids.

Waiting Jack Markell to take action is like waiting for Superman who ain’t never coming!

So now where is the candidates for 2016??? Beau Biden seems to be setting his own agenda and refuses to engage these issue. Greg Lavelle, well he showed his true colors supporting Markell’s Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment agenda! I am very disappoint in Greg who I thought was tracking for a real chance! Greg, it ain’t going to happen. Then there is Matt Denn who hit the AG ground running with some great proposals addressing Wilmington education needs in the short-term. If there were an election today Denn would win. Biden has lost his prince stardom luster. Beau isn’t very decisive. Greg really blew it with that H.B. 334 flip-flop vote.

Christina’s attendance zones are particularly strange because it has a non-contiguous “island” in the city’s east side that is not connected to its suburban schools in Newark. Colonial does not operate schools in the city limits, the report points out, but buses them out into the suburbs.

Yo !! Jimmy Olsen, brush up on your Delaware desegregation history! Dividing Wilmington and not addressing the concerns after the passage of The Neighborhood School Act was more about keep the foot on the backs of minorities heads so the pro charter school reformers could have their way. Traditional schools “needed” to fail to justify charter schools just as Conrad “had” to fill-full a promise made to return Conrad High School that was a victim of desegregation order re: closure of certain schools. Bobby knows the promise he made to the Conrad Alumni.  

Face it, Markell isn’t going to make any radical moves and the task-force report will be drooped in the lap of the next governor, most-likely Matt Denn.