Wilmington street violence take the life of 16 year old A.I. High Freshman.

Another teen killed, Friday’s victim remembered Xerxes Wilson, The News Journal

Across the city an hour before, friends were gathered at a makeshift memorial at the 200 block of N. Broom St. for 16-year-old Jordan Ellerbe, an A.I. du Pont High School freshman who was fatally shot in the head in Wilmington’s Hilltop neighborhood Friday night. Several people visiting the memorial confirmed the victim’s name, though Wilmington Police had not Saturday.

“He was intelligent. He stayed geekin’,” said Ellerbe’s classmate who identified himself as Raheem H.

Raheem and friends buzzed around an altar of teddy bears and candles on the porch of a three-story row home where Ellerbe was gunned down. They used their phones to record sometimes teary memorials to their friend who they knew as ‘Jor jor’ while another friend spray-painted a tribute in the yard below.

“He was a fly guy, funny and hilarious. He always looked out for his friends and family. Anytime I was hungry or something he would always help me out,” Raheem said.

Red Clay School District spokesperson Pati Nash said the school will make counselors available to students on Monday morning.

I can only ask, how many police could be added to Wilmington’s street with the money being wasted on Governor Markell’s personal self-serving education agenda? But don’t worry Jack has yet another kick the can down the road crime task-force brewing! Our chances for positive “effective” change may be in the hands of AG Matt Denn and we all need to support him. I hope Markell doesn’t try to capitalize on Denn’s vision and efforts because that would be a real crime.

Wilmington parents and community please embrace AG Matt Denn as a friend! 

6 responses to “Wilmington street violence take the life of 16 year old A.I. High Freshman.

  1. lastDEconservative

    ” … how many police could be added to Wilmington’s street with the money being wasted on Governor Markell’s [ fill in the blank ].”

    Why? No number of police, rushing in after the fact, blocking traffic and harrumphing around will ever solve the mess in Williamston. Make a note: NO NUMBER OF POLICE WILL CHANGE THE CONDITIONS THERE.


  2. So what will? Are you telling me that there is a problem that cannot be solved? It’s easy to point out what won’t (or hasn’t) worked. Please don’t tell me “nothing will work”. I teach children who live in the very neighborhood where these shootings took place (and have taught some of the victims). I have a deep and profound interest in their well-being, and the well-being of every student from this neighborhood. I want their conditions to change. I know that if their conditions at home changed, they would be more successful at school. Please offer a solution, instead of boldly stating in caps “NO NUMBER OF POLICE WILL CHANGE THE CONDITIONS THERE.” That’s about as pointless a statement as they come. What would work?


    • I’ll add – those of us on the front lines with these children are more than a little tired of the attitude “it’ll never change” while at the same time receiving the message “you are doing a terrible job teaching these children”. I dare you – try teaching a lesson to a child/teenager whose mind is occupied by the thoughts of whether he’ll get from the bus stop to his house without being shot. Do you think that fractions matter to him in that moment? Being shot is something most kids never have to think about, thankfully. But for those who do, in that neighborhood particularly, it’s paralyzing. And as someone who teaches these kids, and hears the fear in their voices about their homes and streets, I want a better world for them. My calling is in the classroom – not in public administration, law enforcement, sociology etc. I am doing my part – working on my piece of the puzzle for these children, despite being labeled as a failure by our governor (not me personally, but my profession). When you have a solution, offer it. Do your part. Otherwise, get out of the way and let those of us who are trying to make a difference, help them rise out of conditions most of us cannot imagine, or don’t ever want to imagine. Sorry to be preachy, but these were my students. I spent hours and hours and hours with them, trying to make a different world for them. Teachers cannot do it all, obviously.


    • Well first thing is they could make some changes within their own community. Girls should stop having children they can’t afford, have no interest in raising. Boys should stop thinking it a badge of honor to supply a specimen to impregnate these girls.
      Second, there are probably 20 people with direct or indirect knowledge of this shooting… Snitches get stitches. Community ‘leaders’ used very roughly should stop asking for more police and then the next day organize a match protesting the police.
      And let me add some of the community leaders who now are demanding city schools were leaders of the coalition to save our students. I don’t always agree with LDC but the first thing I thought when I saw a city education office proposed and asking for increase funding…oh man the cronies will be lining their pocket


    • lastDEconservative

      I stand by NO NUMBER OF POLICE WILL CHANGE THE CONDITIONS THERE. I think your dissertation generally agrees with my premise, yet you seem to have me confused as an enemy with those you probably consider your allies.

      I don’t expect you to be sociologist, psychiatrist, nanny, maid, valet, restauranteur, clothier, babysitter … and on and on … to any child, if you are in fact signed up to teach.

      Mine is a simple proposition: set those in need of that plethora of services that are NOT by any stretch in the realm of education apart. Keep the willing and able in front of you (you, writ large) and hold you accountable for results. Really accountable. Remove all govt above the local school board, and those sanctioned, non productive entities it entitles (read unions, for starters). Q.E.D. Less qed, but needed ultimately, remove more govt. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      And thanks for your contribution. Would that there were ‘adults’ in the city and state and boards that would stand and deliver as you apparently have and/or have tried to. They are not only not backing you up, as you yourself say, they are tearing you down. Cowards. Creeps. You don’t hear that kind of crap from me. And won’t. Your bosses. Pffftt.


  3. John I’m with you and have been in the trenches forever. Some of the idiots on here don’t believe you or I should not get a pension and are minimized.
    The education system while having many flaws is fighting an uphill battle