Message to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump:

As I was flipping channels I noticed your, I am running for president Iowa speech.  Mr. Trump I admire your tenacity but come on! You have as much chance of being president than our Delaware Publius being Delaware Secretary of Education a position Governor Jack Markell has reduced qualification of that of a gym teacher intern.

Mr Trump, the money you are pissing away on this foolish journey to the White House could be better served feeding the homeless ( yea I know in your eyes they are all lazy people) or perhaps add some teachers in a high poverty school.

Donald, yes I’d rather have you as president than Jeb Bush. But face it, Jeb is just another dreamer. How about if you come visit Kilroy down in Delaware! I think I can cut you a deal on some real-estate. Have you ever considered owning a state? Think of it ! Trumpaware :).  

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