DE DOE Charter Office continues to drop the ball as state legislators remain clueless !

Academia charter board makes secret personnel decision Xerxes Wilson, The News Journal11:59 p.m. EST January 15, 2015

The board of La Academia Antonia Alonso charter school met in an emergency meeting on Thursday and took action on a “personnel matter” that board members insisted keeping secret during and after the public hearing.

“We can’t discuss it right now because we have not informed the parties involved,” Matos said.

What the hell is going on with Delaware charter schools? It’s become nothing more than a game of Where’s Waldo!

The Delaware Department of Education’s Charter Office doesn’t even have this school on the DOE school profile webpage  The law requires all schools to post their board meeting agendas, board minutes and monthly financial reports on their webpage! So how in the hell can the public view this information if DE DOE Charter Office is asleep at the wheel?

Don’t worry Kilroy has found a link to La Academia Antonia Alonso charter school  However, the way parents and the community must wait until after the “next” meeting until board meeting minutes are approved and posted usually 15 days later it takes 45 days before parents and the community can view them. It appears this is how State Representative Debbie Hudson wants it! She killed her own legislation requiring all board meetings to be recorded and posted online within 10 day of any given public session of board meetings! Yea I know, this meeting was about personnel matter protected by confidentially laws ever “if” a crime was committed. Not the point!

The real question I have is , why isn’t there a link to this school’s webpage on DE DOE’s school profile page? At the end of the day, we can’t have strong schools and school leaders unless we have strong leadership in Dover! When can we turnaround the failed Delaware Department of Education? Just another reason we can’t allow Teach for America so-called unsung heroes serving in top leadership positions. The next two years of Markell leadership is going to be HELL! He Debbie, wake-up and help!

5 responses to “DE DOE Charter Office continues to drop the ball as state legislators remain clueless !

  1. It’s not on the profiles page cause it just opened during the 2014-2015 school year. The DOE hasn’t bothered to update the profile page w/this years info, it’s all 2013-2014.


  2. It is done on purpose because when the public has access to information, they completely debunk whatever it is the DOE says. If I were them and up to no good, I wouldn’t publish it either