Why is Delaware Governor Markell allowing charter schools to circumvent his executive order?

When Jack Markell ran on a campaign of open government and then taking office not delivering the call to put the state checkbook registry and the P-card expenditures online he got held to task by a few of us in the community. Come on Jack, remember your first town hall meeting 🙂 Then he delivered under pressure with an executive order. However, Markell allowed charter schools a backdoor out on the P-cards allowing them to secure commercial credit-cards outside the state P-card. We had the DMA scandal and one would think Markell would close the backdoor loophole. Now there is the Family Foundations scandal and Markell sits around with his thumb up his ass! And then there is an acknowledge on public record via a board of charter directors meeting minutes for Moyer that they have a AMX card. The powers to be at DE DOE does nothing as it happens under their nose and with the charter school CBOC reps approving monthly reports being sent to the charter schools boards for action. 

As far as I see, weak laws and DE DOE looking the other way on these charter school scandals causes more damage to charter schools than charter school naysayer rants. Then again, there might be this Delaware Start Chamber goal of “tactfully” undermining charter schools a bit to justify school vouchers under the name education saving accounts being pushed by CRI.     

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  1. Who is holding Jack Markell and his DDOE accountable?

    It’s supposed to be the General Assembly.

    And the powers that be have curtailed that effort by eliminating Kowlako’s vote on the House Eduction committee and put Earl Jaques in as chair, one of the most flagrant of administration water carriers, and an apt (from the administration’s point of view) replacement for water carrier bar none Darryl Scott.

    Scott is now, ostensibly, still a shadowing member as HIS endorsed replacement in office, Representative Sean M. Lynn, was installed in that committee. Lynn’s bio shows a Teach for America-caliber experience in between college and law school see: http://www.bairdmandalas.com/sean-lynn/).

    Kilroy’s trolls will, of course, have nothing of substance to say on how the hell we can hold DDOE to account without more decent, studied, independent-acting people like Kowalko in these legislative committees.


    • Publius e decere

      I thought voters held the Governor and the executive branch accountable? Maybe I skipped class the day they taught (you) that Governors “report to” the General Assembly. As for Kowalko, many people don’t view him the way you do. Decent, studied, independent-acting people who have heard and watched Kowalko first-hand have reasonably concluded that he is radically unhinged.


    • Publius, the Executive is checked by the Legislative and Judicial branches. The Judicial is checked by the Executive and Legislative branches. The Legislative is checked by the Judicial and Executive branches.

      These checks are designed to create balances.

      In Delaware, this fundamental concept of government is notably absent.

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    • The trolls are trying their best to foster a meme about John Kowalko that doesn’t fly with the citizens of Delaware. The News Journal story today noted one letter out of all submitted didn’t back him but reporter Jeff Montgomery failed to note that the letter author was an embittered GOPer Newark resident who failed in his run for NCC Council against Lisa Diller – A Big Kowalko Booster.


  2. Kilroy,

    Confirming :: Since 2005, the Delaware State Chamber of
    Commerce has, indeed, undermined ALL Delaware schools
    success, in several ways. Some of which, I’ve written about.

    Also, the DSCC has provided barriers to improvement
    resources for: Manufacturing, Health Care, Education,
    Service, NonProfit/Government, and Small Business.

    Further, might I suggest that any hope of maximizing
    Gov. Markell’s ideals for jobs, justice, and prosperity
    will languish until this is corrected.

    In my opinion, Delaware need to aspire to be a state of
    learning and fully realize the promise of Endless Discoveries,
    not just for tourism.

    Our work in Quality Education for Milford school was highlighted
    in the 2002 DDOE annual report and seemingly not shared until
    2004 with small pieces adopted by Christina S.D. and later
    Seaford S.D. Don’t be surprised to see this approach demonstrated
    in Laurel, Lake Forest, Woodbridge, and Capital S.D. Over 25%
    of education leadership has transition in the past 6-8 months, No Wonder there is angst. The time has come to polish the diamond
    that is Delaware. New leadership, please.

    Perhaps, we need to be asking different questions?


    • Kilroy, despite your sorry ass grammar I do enjoy your blog. However , I need to know why you allow this nut job Mazzotta to have free run of your blog. What the hell does all his ranting have to do with your blog post?????????????????????????????? It appears he is using you and your blog.


  3. The cheapest and most effective oversight is by the people, in Delaware that is impossible because of the lack of transparency, strongly supported by our elected and appointed officials.


    • Jack, supporting comment – Delaware is a state of 1 area code and many, many media outlets with overall market penetration questionable.

      OhioJoe, Would you like to address me directly? If you are from Ohio, you would know that Ohio was one of the six pilot states for school improvement using continuous improvement. I enjoy my affiliation with Ohio State University.


  4. No dog in this fight

    Ohio Joe is correct about Mazzotta. He (Mazzotta) is an embarrassment to true quality and continuous improvement professionals. He uses a rag blog to promote himself and his business. He must have a lot of time on his hands.


    • Apparently, this “rag” blog is deemed worthy for your comment. O write as an historian and advocate for the Delaware state quality award program, now refreshed and the over 400 quality professionals,
      which I helped lead for several years.

      My time is dedicated to helping organization improve; here’s the link to
      one of my endeavors:


      You might want to re-evaluate your approach from tearing down to building up…good work for the psyche and soul; P and S vs P&L?

      My friends refer to me as Greg.


  5. No dog in this fight

    Greg Mazzotta — What is your beef with the Chamber of Commerce? Did they not want to engage your services for a project? I can’t imagine that they want to limit public education in Delaware.


  6. To paraphrase PA Gov. Tom Wolf :: Jobs that PAY, Schools that TEACH, and Government that WORKS. It starts here; see link…