I hope Wilmington Education Advisory Group recommendations include giving the City of Wilmington the power to approval charter schools

The Wilmington Education Advisory Group recommendation will be presented next week and I am hoping one recommendation would put a moratorium on new charter schools wanting to be located in the city of Wilmington and give the City of Wilmington sole authority to authorize charter schools within city limits. Also transition authority of current charter schools as the charter renewals comes up. It’s the only effective way to unify all charter schools within Wilmington where the city and community can obtain a sense local control. The fragmented voice needs to end!

I have a hunch we’ll see a call for consolidation of the four traditional public school districts serving Wilmington which is long overdue. Such consolidation could take at least three years. So giving Wilmington the authority to be sole charter authorizing authority needs to be this current legislative session. The first act would be the moratorium a.s.a.p.

We need to end the force busing of Wilmington children to suburban middle and high schools in Red Clay and high schools in other districts. It needs to end! 

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