Hey Rep Debbie Hudson! Do you still love me !

Tell me Debbie ! What other way should I have dealt with your abandonment of House Bill #23? You have the power and the voice given to you by the people! Kilroy only has one voice with zero power! You and I worked good together to get legislation through requiring the state board of education to record their meetings.  I believed in you and your commitment to open governor! But Debbie, you sold us out by not standing and fighting for this important stepping stone to real transparency that would enhance parental and community involvement in public education strengthening local control and shared decision making. Publius is in denial believing Kilroy actually lobbied you and other legislators to support such legislation and actually wrote the rough draft for H.B. #23. Debbie that’s how it should work, the people and government actively joining together for common cause. You have to admit, one person who is not part of the status quo who is just a working-class person trying to survive these tough times actually having an impact is what America is about.  I have no special interest funding or supporting me! I do what I do to help move transparency to allow the people to be the watchdog over government (schools) who can’t seem to get it right! At the end of the day, I feel I have a job to do and it’s unpaid! Your job is tough and you can’t please the world! However, you should fight for the people without bias to the social standing in the community! Government exists to serve the people , not the people serving the government! I don’t have a dime to give you and I should be no less a person who showers you with campaign donations or Publius who obviously has $$ influence! Odds are if Publius was a poor man he would have no more voice than I. So Debbie, please get the job done and help restore a sense of local control of our public schools to the local people!    

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    Bring her back Kilroy! After the way certain charters have been conducting board meetings, this is a bill that needs to be passed yesterday!