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I hope Wilmington Education Advisory Group recommendations include giving the City of Wilmington the power to approval charter schools

The Wilmington Education Advisory Group recommendation will be presented next week and I am hoping one recommendation would put a moratorium on new charter schools wanting to be located in the city of Wilmington and give the City of Wilmington sole authority to authorize charter schools within city limits. Also transition authority of current charter schools as the charter renewals comes up. It’s the only effective way to unify all charter schools within Wilmington where the city and community can obtain a sense local control. The fragmented voice needs to end!

I have a hunch we’ll see a call for consolidation of the four traditional public school districts serving Wilmington which is long overdue. Such consolidation could take at least three years. So giving Wilmington the authority to be sole charter authorizing authority needs to be this current legislative session. The first act would be the moratorium a.s.a.p.

We need to end the force busing of Wilmington children to suburban middle and high schools in Red Clay and high schools in other districts. It needs to end! 

Hey Rep Debbie Hudson! Do you still love me !

Tell me Debbie ! What other way should I have dealt with your abandonment of House Bill #23? You have the power and the voice given to you by the people! Kilroy only has one voice with zero power! You and I worked good together to get legislation through requiring the state board of education to record their meetings.  I believed in you and your commitment to open governor! But Debbie, you sold us out by not standing and fighting for this important stepping stone to real transparency that would enhance parental and community involvement in public education strengthening local control and shared decision making. Publius is in denial believing Kilroy actually lobbied you and other legislators to support such legislation and actually wrote the rough draft for H.B. #23. Debbie that’s how it should work, the people and government actively joining together for common cause. You have to admit, one person who is not part of the status quo who is just a working-class person trying to survive these tough times actually having an impact is what America is about.  I have no special interest funding or supporting me! I do what I do to help move transparency to allow the people to be the watchdog over government (schools) who can’t seem to get it right! At the end of the day, I feel I have a job to do and it’s unpaid! Your job is tough and you can’t please the world! However, you should fight for the people without bias to the social standing in the community! Government exists to serve the people , not the people serving the government! I don’t have a dime to give you and I should be no less a person who showers you with campaign donations or Publius who obviously has $$ influence! Odds are if Publius was a poor man he would have no more voice than I. So Debbie, please get the job done and help restore a sense of local control of our public schools to the local people!    

Teach for America crashes and burns in Delaware ! Now what to do with TFA implants at DE DOE

Teach for America instructors rate well Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Though they are few in number, teachers who come from Delaware’s alternative training programs like Teach for America are disproportionately working in high-poverty schools, serving at-risk kids and teaching the most-needed subject areas, according to a report released this week by the Department of Education.

And, while their students’ test scores didn’t grow as quickly in some grades and subjects, those teachers’ performance is broadly similar to those who come from traditional preparation programs, the report found.

The outcome was predictable! Teach for America losing luster with improved economy! Posted on by kilroysdelaware

So now what do we do with TFA Wendy Kopp clones working at DE DOE? What do you get when you put DE DOE TFA clones in a shoe box with DE DOE Rodel clones? A pair of loafers!


Why is Delaware Governor Markell allowing charter schools to circumvent his executive order?

When Jack Markell ran on a campaign of open government and then taking office not delivering the call to put the state checkbook registry and the P-card expenditures online he got held to task by a few of us in the community. Come on Jack, remember your first town hall meeting 🙂 Then he delivered under pressure with an executive order. However, Markell allowed charter schools a backdoor out on the P-cards allowing them to secure commercial credit-cards outside the state P-card. We had the DMA scandal and one would think Markell would close the backdoor loophole. Now there is the Family Foundations scandal and Markell sits around with his thumb up his ass! And then there is an acknowledge on public record via a board of charter directors meeting minutes for Moyer that they have a AMX card. The powers to be at DE DOE does nothing as it happens under their nose and with the charter school CBOC reps approving monthly reports being sent to the charter schools boards for action. 

As far as I see, weak laws and DE DOE looking the other way on these charter school scandals causes more damage to charter schools than charter school naysayer rants. Then again, there might be this Delaware Start Chamber goal of “tactfully” undermining charter schools a bit to justify school vouchers under the name education saving accounts being pushed by CRI.     

Will @GovernorMarkell permit DE Chief for Change of @DEDeptofED to straight up bust a union CBA?