Looks like Governor AG Matt Denn understands we need more teachers and paraprofessionals in our neediest schools

Denn: Use $36 million on housing, police, schools Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

His plan includes $3 million for additional substance abuse treatment facilities; $5.9 million for the state’s Neighborhood Building Blocks Fund, which Denn hopes to use partly to fund walking police patrols in Wilmington; and about $5 million for new teachers and paraprofessionals in 16 of the state’s lowest-income elementary schools.

Sixteen schools would receive $300,000 each over three years.

No doubt lame-duck Governor Markell will take credit for Matt Denn’s “courage” to do what is right re: adding “more” teachers and paraprofessionals in our most neediest schools! 

No doubt Matt Denn knows the steps to take to be a real public servant not a self-serving person like Markell.

Denn has sent transparency messages via his leadership on the IEP Task-force by recording those meetings and sharing with all. I can only say, I am encourage Denn will build upon what appears to be a sincere move towards real open government! let’s us pray!     

7 responses to “Looks like Governor AG Matt Denn understands we need more teachers and paraprofessionals in our neediest schools

  1. Which begs the question, Why do we need a Lt. Gov.? 6 years of his life and 6 years of our childrens’ were set back by parking him there in 2008…..


  2. alsonewarkmom

    Let’s hope he can get the funds to the schools without all of Markells strings attached!

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  3. Those are good points for his stump speech for 2016 but as ag he can do none of that


  4. lastDEconservative

    Speaking of tilting at windmills, with only 386 seats left for Saturday’s Common Core Town Hall Debate at Clayton Hall, I assume Messrs. Kilroy, kavips, his bitterness KO, newton186, et.al., have their press credentials in hand so as not to have to sit in the middle of a row to hear and prepare to report to their respective denizens about the back and forth … of a program so long embedded as to be about as worthy of “debate” as the Great Society …


    • lastDEconservative

      Yvonne!! Woo hoo!!

      “Judy Stoehr and Yvonne Johnson will support Common Core, Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Peg Luksik, and Kathleen Jasper will be against Common Core.”