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Looks like Governor AG Matt Denn understands we need more teachers and paraprofessionals in our neediest schools

Denn: Use $36 million on housing, police, schools Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

His plan includes $3 million for additional substance abuse treatment facilities; $5.9 million for the state’s Neighborhood Building Blocks Fund, which Denn hopes to use partly to fund walking police patrols in Wilmington; and about $5 million for new teachers and paraprofessionals in 16 of the state’s lowest-income elementary schools.

Sixteen schools would receive $300,000 each over three years.

No doubt lame-duck Governor Markell will take credit for Matt Denn’s “courage” to do what is right re: adding “more” teachers and paraprofessionals in our most neediest schools! 

No doubt Matt Denn knows the steps to take to be a real public servant not a self-serving person like Markell.

Denn has sent transparency messages via his leadership on the IEP Task-force by recording those meetings and sharing with all. I can only say, I am encourage Denn will build upon what appears to be a sincere move towards real open government! let’s us pray!     

Delaware legislators circling field on addressing Markell education transparency failure

Delaware legislative session is in full swing and it appears state legislators are afraid to step on Governor Markell’s toes re: fractures in charter school oversight! Wilmington is saying no more charters schools until DE DOE gets a grip on the capacity to provide ongoing proactive oversight! Nothing being done about charter school funds being used a personal piggy-bank whereas, usage of P-card isn’t the law allowing commercial credit-cards to be used at free will and not reported in monthly financial reports. No penalty for charter schools not keeping their board meeting minutes up to date and same goes for CBOC’s.

Meantime back on the ranch closure of charter schools sending children back to feeder schools not meeting AYP is praised as demonstrating courage by Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and his Michelle Rhee want-to-be.

No doubt about it, Markell will keep moving full-steam ahead with his education reform wrecking-ball! It’s all about the kids!! Sure ! 

OMG Lizzie spitting fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOE Easter Egg: Remember When Mayor Baker Called Us Criminals?By Elizabeth Scheinberg January 20, 2015 Children & Educators First 

Oh! What a day! Baker was very wrong in his aspersions, but that wasn’t reason enough to keep his mouth shut. He loved his sound-bites. 

I’d like to tell you the story of the DOE Easter Egg:

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