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Where is Jea Street in this Red Clay EdTv video ? Today Red Clay has no middle or high school in the city of Wilmington! Wilmington middle and high school children are “forced” to ride the bus to assigned Red Clay middle and high schools. School Choice? Many children of poverty are locked out of School Choice due to lack of adequate transportation. In Red Clay parents are required to get their children to Choice bus-stops beyond walking distance. Charter Schools? Red Clay’s Charter School of Wilmington located in the old Wilmington High School holds the doors closed to at-risk students whom many are of color. Delaware charter schools are allowed to set admission preferences even down to student achievement and intelligence levels. Red Clay’s charters, magnet and traditional school doors don’t swing the same way for all students. Reg Clay’s traditional, magnet and charter schools lacks “equal” access! Wilmington Delaware City Council 9-3 says, time to put a hold on new charter schools in Wilmington Posted on by kilroysdelaware . ACLU and Community Legal Aid Society Challenge Delaware’s Segregated Charter Schools FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: 212-549-2666, media@aclu.org    

Delaware Governor Markell declares himself the real king to commemorate MLK Day @washingtonpost @huffingtonpost @NatlGovsAssoc


Delaware Governor Markell’s whites first education agenda falls short of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream @arneduncan @washingtonpost #edude #netde @dedeptofed @destateboarded @usedgov @EducationOIG @huffingtonpost #neatoday @NSBAComm @NatlGovsAssoc