Biggest Scandal Among Charter Scandal’s Galore


This scandal is big because it involves a state which went down the charter path in a big way; one which is template for the current model which Delaware’s current administration is using…

Under Democratic Governor Cuomo, New York has done what the Democratic Governor of Delaware is trying to do. Force Charter Schools upon families.

And here are the results long predicted, now official.

Overall, schools in poorer districts spent $8,733 per pupil less in 2012 than those from wealthier ones, an inequity that grew by nearly 9% from before Cuomo took office in 2011, according to the study by a coalition of education advocacy groups opposing many of the reforms pushed by Cuomo…

This has long been predicted and long dismissed by Charter advocates who continue to say, there is no harm in allowing Charter Schools.

Charter schools by allowing choice, allow funds to leave public schools and go to…

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