Wilmington Delaware City Council 9-3 says, time to put a hold on new charter schools in Wilmington

Wilmington City Council: No more charter schools Matthew Albright, The News Journal

The Wilmington City Council sent a request to state leaders Thursday night: Don’t allow any more charter schools to open in the city for the time being, and give the city more say over which schools get approved.

Council approved 9-3, with President Theo Gregory absent, a resolution urging the Department of Education not to consider any new charter applications in the city to “allow elected officials and community representatives time to assess the impact of charter schools in Wilmington and throughout the State.”

Well about TIME! 

Nnamdi Chukwuocha, the councilman who sponsored the resolution, said it is part of the city’s larger effort to get a bigger say in what happens to the city schools.

“Many people are saying this is anti-charter. It’s not anti-charter, it’s pro-Wilmington,” Chukwuocha said.

Like I said, the charter school law needs to be changed to allow the City of Wilmington to be authorized to charter schools.

Some council members thought the language in the resolution was “too harsh,” while others said a moratorium wasn’t necessary.

“I don’t believe it’s the fault of the charter schools what’s happening in the city of Wilmington,” said councilwoman Sherry Dorsey Walker. “Our districts need to be doing a better job keeping our children and we wouldn’t need these schools in the first place.”

You don’t need charter schools! You need to get your head out of your ass and create an education committee with representation from all charter schools, all traditional school districts and votechs serving Wilmington. Gee councilwoman, why are your throwing stones at traditional school district when you are doing a sorry ass job supporting your police department who need more boots on the ground, just like teachers who need more teachers helping in high poverty city schools.

Councilwoman Maria Cabrera said she signed her son up for a charter school next year, but supported the measure.

“A lot of schools come into these cities, they’ve given students false hopes,” she said, referencing Maurice J. Moyer Academy and Reach Academy for Girls, two city charters set to close at the end of the year because of sagging test scores. “I think we are getting an excessive amount of charters in Wilmington, and there has to be better control.

Some people think getting a seat in any charter school is like hitting the lottery! 

Last year, a group of lawmakers wrote a letter to state officials questioning the necessity of some of the charters that were then up for approval, saying charters are drawing millions of dollars from traditional school districts.

Last year a bunch of asshole legislators supported H.B. 334 that opened the gates of federal hell re: the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Then there is Debbie Hudson who abandoned  H.B.# 23 that would require all school district, votech and charter boards to record their meetings. Then there is Greg apparently cutting a backdoor vote deal in exchange for a family member being seat on the IEP Task-force Committee.   

5 responses to “Wilmington Delaware City Council 9-3 says, time to put a hold on new charter schools in Wilmington

  1. Publius e decere

    Well, this action “does” seem a bit anti-charter. Some people DO think that getting into a charter is a good thing. But for now, let’s take it at face value to be neutral on charters and pro-City.

    So if the City Council embraces this thing, then go for it! All in. Scream and stomp and rally to get the law changed to allow for charter school authorizers to include the City of Wilmington. Call out Kowalko for support if they have to (a final-ditch move). While we are at it, let’s add in new authorizers to also be Univ Del and Del State and Wilm Univ. Why not? The more authorizers the merrier.



  2. You know, Publius, lately, an old friend has taken to painting me anti-traditional and/or pro-charter. But, I fall on the opposite side of you on this one. I don’t see this action as anti-charter. I see it as pro-Wilmington. It’s leaders are trying to get ahead of saturation crisis. The housing crisis wasn’t a housing crisis when builders were building and buyers were buying. It became a crisis when builders ran out of buyers. Wilmington City students are a finite bunch. There are only so many of them. Beyond that, the leaders, the community, the parents should have a more direct input in designing its school system. Because, that’s basically where we are at – the crux between charter and traditional and what each should offer. And perhaps, a new beginning depending on what comes out of the battle for the priority schools.


    • Publius e decere

      If the councilman removes this call for a “charter moratorium” by gaining for the City the legal right to authorize charter schools itself, then this call for a moratorium could be seen in the rear view mirror as not being anti-charter. Until then, it is.

      To your point, the City needs to either become its own district OR become a charter authorizer. I suggest that carving out a Wilmington District will ruffle far more vested interests than will creating a new charter authorizer category for incorporated cities and towns including but not limited to Wilmington.

      Regardless of the outcome, everyone should be careful about what they wish for — they might actually get it.



  3. I see it as pro-children… Charter schools grind children up and spit out their remains.. Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Newark NJ, and DC, immediately come to mind.

    Charter Schools hurt children. Plain and simple. Like the Hunger Games, you reward one district, the winner, and punish the 11 others to cover that reward….

    This is a brutal, inhumane atrocity that has got to stop. Anyone supporting charters is supporting our equivalent of President Snow. Sure point to the one district that benefits. Time to call out all those hired hands snowing for charters. What we need, is someone good with a bow.


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