Does Moyer Charter School also have an American Express Card? The 2013 retreat minutes provides a clue

Charter renewed despite leaders’ credit card abuse Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Re: Family Foundations

The text of this News Journal is pure trash! The real story is the headline itself. The rest isn’t worth posting but go see if you want here .

I don’t think closing the school is fair to the students! The failures of Family Foundations are a direct connection the failures of the Delaware Secretary of Education. And WHAT ABOUT MOYER?

Look what went on under Secretary of Education Mark Murphy’s nose that was even published in Moyer’s board meeting minutes 

A Moyer Credit Card (page 10)

A motion was presented to provide a credit card for Moyer Academy to use for purchases with the understanding that: 1. Internal controls and spending parameters will be established prior to the acquisition of such a card. 2. An investigation and comparison will be made between the State of Delaware issued card (all rebates belong to the State) and the American Express card in which points belong to the holder and make a recommendation based on the findings of the investigation and comparison will be made to the board for its approval.

Now go here State Of Delaware Online Credit Card Transactions and you’ll see NO P-Card transactions for Moyer! WHY? Is it perhaps Moyer may be using an American Press card?

The flags have been filing high on credit-card concerns and Secretary of Education Mark Murphy does NOTHING!  

Folks, we’re stuck in this corrupt education system for two more years and you can bet there will be no “convictions” of any criminal wrong doings re: Family Foundation and Murphy won’t audit Moyer’s commercial credit-card! Yes it sucks! 

FYI PEOPLE! MOYER DE-LINKED THEIR JULY 2013 BOARD RETREAT MINUTES. SEE FOR YOURSELF HERE! What you are see in Scribd is the actual minutes I downloaded in 2013.  

9 responses to “Does Moyer Charter School also have an American Express Card? The 2013 retreat minutes provides a clue

  1. How about Ms. Schwinn roll out a DDOE Accountability MOU and turnaround plan with the citizens of the State of Delaware?


    • lastDEconservative

      * Like!

      How great would it be if the combined wisdom and narrative skills of Kilroy and Publius were set to such a task, the result handed over to the persuasive skill of Kwacko for consideration at the next-to-next-to-highest levels of the capital S State, then turned over to the snake oil salesmen at the News Journal editorial board to pitch acceptance to the great unwashed?


    • Then the whole state will go to charter schools and Rodel’s Vision will be fully realized and hedge fund managers will reap the profits!


    • Publius e decere


      Thanks for the inside information. I’ll buy options on hedge funds now and make a killing. You’ll get your usual Mostel commission.



  2. lastDEconservative

    We all know how this ends … right? Given approved minorities, aggrieved genders, and a government entity on high … all that can do no wrong, this will all be blamed on … the evil corporation over there in the corner! American Express! Tennell, Sean, Moyer’s hapless leaders, all fell victim to the entreaties of the corporate siren song, you can have it all!


    • and at the end of the day (or the Moyer saga) no one will be held accountable. and Delaware’s education will continue to decline


    • Publius e decere

      Brewington and Moore (sounds like a law firm) are many things, but hedge fund managers they are not. And not likely to be AMEX employees. In the parlance of Vegas, they are small-timers. Good riddance. I hope the school didn’t forfeit its claim on their “loans” for cars and luxuries — call Repo Man !!!.


  3. Oh… so keep the white school open despite a worse track record, and close the black schools down which were doing good. Oh, I see.