Is Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy AWOL ?

Face it people! The Delaware Department of Education is in need of serious internal structural overhaul!  Our state legislators need to call for the removal of the Secretary of education. If nothing is done now we’ll be forced to fire everyone at DEDOE come 2016. It’s time to cut the cancer and install a leader who can help drive policies that protects children and the integrity of Delaware public schools. Delaware cannot afford to spend 6 years rebuilding the Delaware Department of Education. Removing the secretary now will unchain those within the department that can offer real solutions! Many are sick of his leadership! It might be time to stop blaming the subordinates and time to start blaming the boss! Hey Senator Greg Lavelle! Get your head out of your ass and stop protecting failure at the top of DE DOE!  

4 responses to “Is Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy AWOL ?

  1. A simple vote of no-confidence in either chamber would do… Even if he survives by a close vote, the irrefutable fact will always hang over his head, … no other cabinet official in history has ever been given a vote of no-confidence by the General Assembly….

    Although cosmetic, It would be a convenient way for all representatives to vote against Common Core (something all their school age parents desperately want to see (hear that Sussex County)) without actually costing money and creating disruption..

    That can come later, when we have a solid plan to replace the Smarter Balanced Assessment.

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    • lastDEconservative

      ” … vote of no-confidence in either chamber … ”

      My goodness, kavips’s really is an alternate universe … 😉

      Continuing on planet kavips …

      ” … a convenient way for all representatives to vote against Common Core (something all their school age parents desperately want to see … ”

      Since virtually none of the representatives are actually against Common Core (by virtue of ideology, ignorance, a healthy dose of both or the utter absence of a constituent driven give-a-shit factor), I doubt seriously any of them are in search of or willing to take advantage of such an opportunity, especially since they would have to create it. Those 62 aren’t even on the range, let alone even close to wearing a target of responsibility — why would they EVER call such attention to themselves?

      Then there’s the wifely “all”, as in ” … all their school age parents … “. Again, “some,” even “few” would probably overstate the number of those aware, awake, somehow insufficiently brainwashed as to constitute a voice of reason, let alone revolt.


  2. lastDEconservative

    Funny, Kilroy, this is quite at odds with how Curly says it is. Are you sure?

    As I am wont to do, I heard his nibs first hand yesterday at a large gathering of fellow makers. Among many things he said, with amazing ease and grace, that we all believe otherwise, government schooling (not education) is just fine, thank you, save the nattering of the naysayers in the background minimally distracting from the symphonic success. Common Core was not mentioned, of course; as I have said many times, the destroyers have moved on; would that the denizens would likewise.

    Other gems include Wilmington’s crime is cancelled out by having premier law firms and big banks in residence. Boom! Who knew? More money -will- be taken from the makers to spend on roads and such in lieu of all that is going to the ever increasing number of takers now on the bench. No, he didn’t say it that way, of course not! Regulatory stifling of private enterprise by the capital S State is imaginary. This speaks to his skill as a prevaricator — eyes straight ahead, upright posture, to a room full of people who deal with the stifle -every-single-day-.

    Yeah, there’s more. First, Excedrin.