Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

Is Delaware Secretary of Education Murphy AWOL ?

Face it people! The Delaware Department of Education is in need of serious internal structural overhaul!  Our state legislators need to call for the removal of the Secretary of education. If nothing is done now we’ll be forced to fire everyone at DEDOE come 2016. It’s time to cut the cancer and install a leader who can help drive policies that protects children and the integrity of Delaware public schools. Delaware cannot afford to spend 6 years rebuilding the Delaware Department of Education. Removing the secretary now will unchain those within the department that can offer real solutions! Many are sick of his leadership! It might be time to stop blaming the subordinates and time to start blaming the boss! Hey Senator Greg Lavelle! Get your head out of your ass and stop protecting failure at the top of DE DOE!  

DE DOE has some explaining Re: Family Foundations charter schools!

Blog Exceptional Delaware Delaware posted this letter first! Thanks Kevin! Kilroy is just helping move the information.