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Delaware Speaker of The House Schwartzkopf waits to after he gets caught with pants down to speak on Priority Schools

Speaker speaks out on feud with Kowalko By Amy Cherry WDEL

He blasted Kowalko after the Newark area Democrat released a letter that Schwartzkopf says was released to the media nearly 24 hours before he even saw it.
“I don’t agree with the governor’s plan on the priority schools. I don’t agree that all the teachers up there should have to resign; I don’t think they should have to re-apply for their jobs. I don’t think these principals need to be moved out of their schools,” he said. “I’m directly opposed to it.”

The speaker said he’s been largely silent on the priority schools plan because it’s not a Sussex issue.

Desk-drawer Pete Schwartzkopf is full of shit!

How could DE DOE Family Foundations CBOC representative not see what was going on?

Charter leaders fired, they spent thousands on cars, spas, concerts Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Amid accusations its co-leaders used school credit cards for more than $94,000 in personal purchases, the Family Foundations Academy charter school has fired the pair, re-shuffled its board, and handed the reins to the leaders of Eastside Charter School in hopes of convincing the state that it should stay open.

What the  hell does “re-shuffled its board mean? How can leaders of Eastside Charter School oversee Family Foundation Academy? Where in the hell is the charter modification request? 

The new leaders say the school’s academics and finances are fundamentally sound, and argue that 825 students shouldn’t have to see their school closed because of two leaders’ bad decisions.

Where is the transparency new leaders?  

“Our motivation is the good of the kids here,” said Charlie McDowell, who is now chair of both schools’ boards. “They have a successful school and it’s just not right for the school not continue because of this.”

Chair of both boards! Crock of shit! What hell is DE DOE thinking by allowing this? 

The audit said the pair used American Express corporate cards attached to bank accounts that were created to house money for construction projects and money brought in from sources other than the state.

Didn’t we learn anything from the DMA mess! I wonder, did anyone audit Moyer’s commercial credit-card? The law needs to be changed ASAP to prohibit any public school / charter school from having commercial credit-card outside the state’s P-cards! Come on Debbie Hudson WAKE UP!

Those cards were used in addition to state-issued “p-cards,” which state workers are supposed to use for work purposes, and they “quickly became the instrument of choice for incurring nonschool related expenditures by Mr. Moore and Dr. Brewington,” the audit said.

Charter schools are public schools that receive public funds, so the two should have used p-cards for any school-related purposes.

Can we change the law to “SHALL”. 

State Auditor Tom Wagner said his office was investigating the issue, which could lead to criminal charges, but his office was still gathering information.

Not going to happen Tom! AG and Markell are buds! 

Eastside’s school leader, Lamont Browne, will now be in charge of both schools. Gov. Jack Markell and Department of Education officials have frequently praised Browne’s leadership of Eastside, crediting him with growing test scores despite the school’s challenging, mostly low-income student population.

So is the News Journal saying Markell gave his blessings? 

The audit of Moore and Brewington’s purchases includes more than 100 pages of credit card statements.

Some of the purchases Moore made include:

A $3,224 purchase and $1,986 purchase at Raymour & Flanigan in Wilmington

A $2,500 car payment at Infiniti of West Chester

$2,143.26 at The Home Depot in New Castle

$1,599.97 at Just Cabinets in Wilmington

$1,491.49 at Macy’s for “Fine Watches”

$920 to Ticketmaster in New York City to see John Legend perform and $816.06 to see Alicia Keyes perform.

Multiple purchases at Best Buy, including payments of $1,105.92 and $1,009.94

$294.45 at Red Tower Regalia, which sells outfits for the Masons and other groups

Multiple car payments for totals like $630 and $593 at Mercedes Benz of Wilmington

Multiple cable bill payments to Comcast for totals like $541.62 $499.94 and $288.30.

Multiple payments to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Newark, including purchases of $272.95 and $377.97

$609.94 at Oreck Floor Care in Wilmington

Multiple grocery runs at ACME in Newark for totals like $144.82, and $226.16

$174.25 for meals at Ruths Chris Steakhouse in Baltimore

A $450 federal tax payment

Multiple purchases at Bed Bath & Beyond, including one for $642.84

$461.60 for “dental services” at Dental Diagnostic and Servics in Newark

Purchases Brewington made include:

$5,200 at Empire Today in Northlake, Illinois

$949 at Carman Ford Lincoln in New Castle

$843 at Men’s Wearhouse in Wilmington for alterations, and $433.96 for ties, pants and a coat

$800 at Desserts by Dana

$479.85 at Macy’s in Arlington, VA and $273.17 and $200 at the Macy’s in Christiana Mall

$703.80 for a visit to the optometrist

$1,155, $189, and $72 purchases at Emily’s Spa and Gift

$233 at the Dress Barn in Wilmington

$114.98 at 1-800-Flowers.com for floral arrangments

$70 at Edible Arrangements in Wallingford, Connecticut.

All under the nose of DE DOE who has a DE DOE representative sitting on Family Foundation’s Citizen Budget Oversight Committee as required by state law! WHEN WILL DE DOE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE? Somebody’s DE DOE’s ASS needs to be FIRED!  

Reach Academy charter school has officially reached the end!

Judge says Reach must close Jessica Masulli Reyes and Matthew Albright

After losing a legal battle with the state, Delaware’s only all-girls public school will likely close at the end of the year.

Judge Leonard P. Stark in U.S. District Court ruled Monday that Reach Academy for Girls did not prove the state Board of Education erred in revoking the school’s charter.

Markell wins!

Lloyd Casson, chair of Reach’s board, said the school community is “stunned.”

“We don’t have a lot more to say than that, honestly,” Casson said. “Soon we’ll be gathering to talk about what the next steps will be.” 

Next step sadly is the last!

Under a “sunset provision,” state law previously barred any same-sex public schools from opening. The law was recently revised to now allow one for each gender.

“While the closure of Reach will result in girls not having the same opportunity as boys for some unknown period – apparently at least two years, given the time it takes for an application for a new charter school to be prepared, considered and approved – it will also create an opportunity that does not exist now for another all-girls charter school to be approved,” Stark said.

If state legislators introduce and push legislation that allow the City of Wilmington to charter schools Reach and Moyer can move their charters under Wilmington’s chartering authority and stay on track to open next fall. Reach and Moyer parents need to urge their local elected state representative and Wilmington officials to make this happen!

  “What the state is doing is taking away the only thing these kids have right now, which is hope,” Street said. “They know full well that these kids are returning to a hopeless situation.

What the city is doing by not being a charter school authorizing authority is turning their backs on these children.

And where was Markell’s or DE DE’s charter unit’s comments? Sad!