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State Rep Kowalko bitch-slaps Delaware Speaker of the House Schwartzkopf

Kowalko blasts House Speaker Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

Rep. John Kowalko has apparently had enough.

The Newark Democrat fired off a letter to Democratic House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, accusing the speaker of creating an “atmosphere of intimidation and coercion that threatens to envelop our caucus and the entire House of Representatives.”

Schwartzkopf needs to be purge from being Speaker of The House!

Kowalko wasn’t the only Democrat taken down a notch by Schwartzkopf’s committee assignments. Rep. Helene Keeley, a Wilmington Democrat who challenged House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst in a leadership fight last month, lost her spot on the powerful committee that authors Delaware’s capital budget.

Stop the presses! Schwartzkopf’s chambermaid Longhurst got bumped! OMG! 

Delaware Governor Markell’s house of cards are shaking and ready to fall

In final stretch, can Gov. Markell recapture Legislative Hall? Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

In September, the email accounts of Gov. Jack Markell’s top aides lit up with messages from Democratic lawmakers. And not the positive, reassuring kind.

The lawmakers admonished Markell officials for leaving them out of education discussions and criticized what they saw as mismanagement of the governor’s proposal to turn around six failing Wilmington schools.

Lawmakers left themselves out of education discussions because many are clueless to the details. They stood-by and allowed the Speaker of The House to desk-veto House Bill #23 that would required all traditional school district, votech districts and charter schools to record public session of their board meetings. Red Clay, Christina, Capital, DelMar, Brandywine and Colonial record their board meetings  voluntarily! Also, the state board of education records theirs by law. What part of transparency doesn’t our legislators understand?

Markell’s proposals to fix failing Wilmington schools have been the source of public consternation and controversy for months. Lawmakers and key stakeholders, including the superintendent of one of Delaware’s largest school districts, complain that a lack of simple communication is partly to blame.

Our legislators stood-by and allowed Markell to become education czar hiring Rodel clones and Teach for America frauds. Our state legislators gave Markell the keys to local control by passing House Bill #234.    

Rep. John Kowalko, D-Newark, who made the emails public through an open records request, called the lack of communication with lawmakers “disrespectful.” Sen. Bryan Townsend, D-Newark, called for “meaningful change immediately, both in terms of communication with legislators and in terms of more sincere and actual collaboration with local stakeholders.”

Thank God we have some legislators who have the “courage” to stand-up to Markell who has hijacked public education to feed his sick egotistic self-serving agenda.    

For Markell, improving communication with lawmakers and stakeholders on significant policy proposals could be key to getting big ideas done in his last two years as Delaware’s chief executive.  

Markell doesn’t give a rat’s ass! He’s make his mark and knows he is a lame duck

Sen. Robert Marshall, D-Wilmington, and longshoremen union President Julius Cephas, among others, complained Markell left key stakeholders in the dark on the Kinder Morgan negotiations, leaving questions unanswered and fostering concerns about privatization. Kinder Morgan suspended negotiations after lawmakers passed legislation requiring General Assembly oversight of the deal.

“I believe in transparency. I don’t believe in back door deals,” Cephas said recently when asked about the episode.

You go Julius! The port belongs to the people not Markell’s Wall Street butt buddies! 

In January 2014, Markell failed to negotiate with top House lawmakers before publicly sharing details of a plan to raise Delaware’s gas tax by a dime to fund roadway infrastructure improvements. Many, including Democratic House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf, had not even been briefed on the proposal before the morning of the announcement.

Pete the puppet who helps keep the blinds down blocking sunlight! Pete is noting but a Markell thug intimidating other legislators.

Markell, in an interview, disagreed with criticism that he has struggled to generate support on key issues. The governor said he works hard to communicate with lawmakers and other stakeholders on policy issues of significance.

“Most legislators would tell you we communicate a lot,” Markell said. “I sit down every year at least once with every legislator one-on-one. We communicate a lot. This is just difficult work.”  

Yea and Kilroy is next in line to be King of England! 

“There are times when the ball gets dropped,” admits Senate President Pro Tem Patricia Blevins, saying Markell failed to properly generate support among lawmakers before publicly unveiling the tax proposals last year.

Well Patty help rein the sunshine! 

Success on priority schools is still to be determined. But Merv Daugherty, superintendent of Red Clay School District, says Markell could have helped quell some controversy on priority schools, too, by bringing school districts, lawmakers and other interested parties to the table earlier.

Daugherty attended a September press conference where the governor announced a forthcoming plan to help improve the six Wilmington schools. Daugherty was in the dark on the details despite his central role.

Come on Merv! You buckled under on the Priority Schools and cry, we had no choice! Just like you did with Race To The Top! And guess what Merv? You the last man standing on the Delaware Race To The Top team! 

Red Clay’s plan ultimately nixed those provisions before moving forward with a plan agreeable to the state last month. Christina School District officials delayed movement, threatening takeover of three inner-city schools.​”I think everybody who was there wished they would have seen the documents before the announcement was made,” Daugherty said.”People would have had a better understanding of what everyone was agreeing to. That may have calmed down some of the controversy and noise that’s out there.”

Merv, I think everyone wishes you stop engaging Markell and his sorry ass DE DOE team! YOU WORK FOR RED CLAY NOT JACK!