What is Delaware Tech’s graduation rate and job placement rate? RE: Obama’s Free community College

Free community college? Local leaders want specifics Matthew Albright, The News Journal

President Barack Obama says his plan to offer two years of community college to give up to nine million students across America a better shot at a good job.

While Delaware leaders welcome the broad idea of getting more students degrees or workforce training, they want to see specifics. But they’re hopeful the proposal, if implemented, would supplement or options already to students.

And what is Delaware Tech job placement of current Associate graduates?

Obama said he will unveil more details about the program in his State of the Union speech on Jan. 20. He did say it would cost the federal government about $60 billion, which would pay for about three-quarters; states would pay the rest.

Gov. Jack Markell said Obama’s plan fits well with Delaware’s efforts in recent years to get more students into higher education.

“We welcome additional federal resources for our efforts, and hope that states across the country step up to do the same,” Gov. Jack Markell said. “Our future as a nation depends on it.”

And how would Delaware fund their share? Perhaps with SEED funding! So Delaware is ahead of this agenda.

Now we’re back to job placement? The Washington Post  September 5, 2014. Why Sally can’t get a good job with her college degree  Almost half of all recent college graduates are working at jobs that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, according to a study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. While it might have been rare to see college graduates in these low-quality jobs a few years ago, they’re increasingly the norm these days. That same New York Fed study found that more and more recent college graduates are taking low-wage jobs and working part-time while fewer and fewer of them are working full-time at high-quality jobs”

Where will the capital funding come from to create more space at our community colleges?  

“About 7,400 students have attended DelTech on the scholarship.”  

And Jimmy Olsen didn’t ask what the DelTech graduation and job placement rate is. 

“Our guidance counselors work very hard to give every student every possible option for how to get to college,” said Brandywine School District Superintendent Mark Holodick. “We’re hoping this can be another tool in the toolbox, another way to get a student into higher education.”

OK ! Now we need Markell out of office and a governor that wants to be “governor” than education czar! Why do we have a “gross” receipt tax and then come back and tax on profits after expenses? But yes keep pushing these kids into college because even if 50% of them actually make it to a successful career it would be better than 0% without this push.

What about tuition increases exceeding rate of inflation? 

4 responses to “What is Delaware Tech’s graduation rate and job placement rate? RE: Obama’s Free community College

  1. Joanne Christian

    Let’s do the REAL MATH:
    60 billion Obama says
    60 thousand Delaware gets
    6 thousand the State “can release”
    6 million to be first year “compliant, start-up, rubric, administrative, and new chief appointed” costs
    600 thousand for visionary, project, and program consultations for post start-up year
    6 months after all the hoopla, Delaware wakes up and says WOW this has cost us well over 6 million to undertake and all we have is a photo-op, fairy tale, and fiscal deficit.

    Delaware needs to be done—left holding the bag for Obama or any other great visionary without pecuniary.

    So now RACE to the TOP becomes RACE to the BIG TOP?
    Are we that stupid?


  2. Joanne Christian

    And to the point of unemployable degrees or job placement–I work in a small 10 people office. The 5 below have a 4 yr. degree and are stuck working for me due to the job market or their major. No one makes over 13/hr.

    Psychology (and we ALL know that– even the employee)
    Global Sciences
    Environmental Science ( but just left for deli job at ACME)
    Wellness and Nutrition

    Two are UD grads. The others have come back home after out-of-state degrees and no job. And they’re grateful for the work. It is clerical and/or some lab/procedural/processing work. No grand plans. Routine. Necessary. Essentially what would have been a “pink collar job” of yesteryear.

    That’s my reality–and theirs. But they have the 4 year debt……


    • lastDEconservative

      “But they have the 4 year debt……”

      For how long? Surely “free” will be retroactive. It certainly should be. I certainly hope to be taxed retroactively to pay for it. They may have to sign an allegiance document, but hey, the socialist state is already in place, is it not?

      And back in the real world, I could only hope that the lot of them got those degrees at full retail and that mom and dad didn’t co-sign. I further hope that at some point they will see through the evil of the indoctrination nation that sent them off to college to save the world, be eco-nut-green, learn to sympathize with the plight of their fellow man, and promote vegetables while disparaging luscious steaks, and WAKE UP and demand restitution from the indoctrinators.

      I wonder how many of them went through the Appo million dollar green indoctrination building/program, just for one.