The dog in Kilroy’s house is spot on!

Kilroy wrote:

“LEAN plans on having teacher /parent conferences on November 23rd the day before Thanksgiving and there is no school for students that day! Do you honestly think parents with children home and being the day before Thanksgiving will want to engage in teacher / parent conferences in person or even by phone? ”

No dog in this fight wrote:

As I understand charter schools in Delaware, they are free-choice schools. No one is forced to go to one, right? So, if people don’t like how conferences will be scheduled, they won’t enroll their children, and if very few choose it, the school will either never open or will close. If I am correct about this, why does Kilroy care about the strange schedule? 

Kilroy’s response

OUCH Dog! You got me! And this is how debate works and how we can learn! You are 100% correct on this point! Publius stop smiling 🙂

LEAN charter school is proposing a “Balanced Calender”. First day of school for students is August 8th for 9th grade and August 10th for 10th grade. However, there is student orientation days July 27, 28 and 29. School is closed October 13 for professional development and from October 14-31 for Fall Vacation. Last day of the school years is June 21th. LEAN does have provisions for summer school called Summer School Credit Recovery. LEAN plans to serve 9-12th grade students via their Balanced Calendar aka Year Round School which will be the first in the state. So eat some of my own words, yes LEAN is offering something unique and different! However, State Representative Mike Ramone’s support of starting the school year after Labor Day to appease Senator Hocker contradicts his support of a year round school. The Labor Day Task-force has completed their mission and we’ll see if legislation comes to a vote and will be watching Rep Ramone’s vote. However odds are that vote won’t come until after LEAN is approved or not. But in any respects it should be a no vote for Ramone since he supports LEAN’s mission.  

I am still fuming that Rep Ramone who serves on the House Education Committee is a founding member of LEAN. Certainly he’ll have to sustain from voting on legislation that supports charter schools or legislation that has a direct impact associated with charter schools.

Yes this political poison in LEAN application does cloud the issue. LEAN does have something “different” and “unique” traditional public school don’t offer. But when you have a state legislators hands involved to this extent it’s bad! But then again, we have a DE DOE employee being the founder of a California charter school.       

2 responses to “The dog in Kilroy’s house is spot on!

  1. a) the big thing with ramone is where the place is located? Remeber he was just a landlord (state rep receiving guaranteed state income) of the previous app.

    b). It is an issue when meetings are scheduled. It’s easy to claim transparency when you know you will host a meeting when no one will show up.


  2. lastDEconservative

    I thought Ramone was granted perpetual immunity from criticism with the homosexual marriage vote. What gives here, Kilroy?