OMG !!! New Delaware charter school applications in the pipeline !!!!!!!

LEAN Tech Academy

Section 1.2 – Founding Group and School Leadership

LEAN Tech Academy (LTA) is an innovative educational system committed to providing a culture of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Achievement and Nutrition for students in grades 9 – 12. LTA’S mission is to cultivate the mind, strengthen the body and nurture the spirit of every child. Through the use of rigorous academic instruction, LTA’S goal is to ensure that students are career and college ready as well as academically prepared to meet the challenges of a global economy. LEAN Tech Academy is committed to providing a safe and caring environment that focuses on the Whole School, Whole Community, and Whole Child.

LTA will serve students in grades 9 – 12; who are interested in pursuing the sciences, technology, engineering and math — STEM. These students will come from New Castle County school districts: Brandywine, Christina, Colonial, Red Clay, Appoquinimink and possibly Smyrna School Districts.

Michael Ramone Community Leadership Advisory Board Member  

UPDATE SEE PAGE 73 ! Yep Delaware State Representative Mike Ramone! WTF !!!

Could this be State Representative Mike Ramone? Or perhaps a relative? ( I hope Steve Newton is proud of me for not assuming) I also see names that appears to be associated with  DDOE! Is that Delaware Department of Education? I am currently digesting the in formation so more blog posts to follow

Vine’s Preparatory Charter School

Vine’s Preparatory Charter School is a proposed charter school in Sussex County for students in grades six through eight (6-8). At Vine’s Preparatory Charter School the overall focus is affording students the opportunity of learning their rights, privileges, and responsibilities of being a United States citizen. Additionally, the school will teach cultural diversity, and incorporate specific areas of interest in Engineering and Business fields. The vision for Vine’s Preparatory Charter School is grounded in exposing students to educational choices early and preparing them for secondary and post-secondary education.

Kilroy is still digesting all this information so more blog post on the way!

2 responses to “OMG !!! New Delaware charter school applications in the pipeline !!!!!!!

  1. And I AM so proud of you. 🙂

    This is, if I am correct, the reincarnation of the Pike Creek Fitness Charter that got turned down last year. It is Mike Ramone the State Rep.


    • kilroysdelaware

      😉 🙂

      No so sure if this is a reincarnation but wait !!

      “1. Provide a synopsis of the proposed educational program, including key components … LTA has adopted two Archways as its program of study with an integration of health and wellness. The Archways are: Biomedical and Global Health Sciences (with ConnectEd Integrated Curriculum Units) and Processes of Design and Engineering (CTE).”

      You might be right!!

      “Immediately upon application approval, the Board of LTA will assess appropriate sites for the location of the school for its first and subsequent years of operation. It is anticipated that the facility will be located along the suburbia Rte. 1 corridor ranging from New Castle to North– Smyrna geographical areas.”

      I guess we better keep our radar up re: who the property owner is once site is selected. I’ll dig deeper in application to see if they are pulling a 5 mile radius preference . Kind of strange location preference! Looks like they are putting the fishnet out for the middletown crowd and staying south of front and grunt.