Don’t be fooled by DE DOE request for pubic input Re: NCLB /ESEA Wavier

The Delaware Department of Education is seeking public input on its ESEA Flexibility waiver renewal application.
The U.S. Department of Education has offered states the opportunity to apply for
 renewed flexibility from specific requirements of the Elementary and Secondary
Education Act (ESEA Flexibility). To receive renewal states must describe their
plans to meet core principles in four major areas:
1. College- and career-ready expectations for all students
2. Differentiated recognition, accountability and support systems for schools and districts
3. Supporting effective instruction and leadership
4. Reducing duplication and unnecessary burden. For more Information about the approved waiver and extension.
The town halls are scheduled for:
* Wednesday, Jan. 14: 6 to 7 p.m. at the Carvel Building 2nd Floor auditorium, 820 N. French St. in Wilmington
* Thursday, Jan. 15: 6 to 7 p.m. at the William Henry Middle School auditorium,
65 Carver Road in Dover
* Wednesday, Jan. 21: 6 to 7 p.m. online
* Thursday, Jan. 22: 6 to 7 p.m. at the Woodbridge High School auditorium, 14712
 Woodbridge Road in Greenwood

Folks this is all bullshit ! Markell and Murphy already have their plan and the request for public input is just going through the motions. The waiver suspends SES rules and Title 1 Section 1118 parental involvement. Title 1 parents were never a part of Race to The Top, Common Core Standards, Smarter Balanced Assessment and Priority Schools decisions! They like the rest of the public were indoctrinated with Kool-Aid laced with Markell piss after the fact!  Where is # 5 add more teachers in Title 1 schools to “effectively” lower class sizes? Moyer and Reach parents, this would be a good time to blast the governor and DE DOE for their lack of effective “technical support” for your child’s schools!

Sure don’t listen to Kilroy, go follow the pied-piper Steve Newton after all, Steve is a PhD college professor and Kilroy only has a GED and pocketful of college credit. Also a Title 1 student, former Red Clay District Title I Parent Advisory Committee chairperson, school level Title 1 Chair person, former member of the Delaware State Parent Advisory Council (way before Markell clipper their wings rendering them useless) , proud supporter of the National Coalition of Title 1 / Chapter 1 Parents and someone who can look the system in the eye and say NO! Yea even a former school level PTA vice-president and president. Steve Newton has a new blog (yea another one) called Steve Newton Whiskey I’ll miss those of you who relocates to the blog of truth. Hey Publius, don’t forget to say goodbye to old Kilroy when you take your act to over to Steve’s pub!     

One response to “Don’t be fooled by DE DOE request for pubic input Re: NCLB /ESEA Wavier

  1. AGREED. The 2014 ESEA waiver language applying to DDOE (snuck through in epilogue language) was the prescription for priority school takeover plotted and mapped by Dover bureaucrats. Look what havoc that has wrought on our non-vigilant communities, district boards and administrations, parents and teachers. What havoc is in store for us if we blindly go forward in 2015 leaving these devious actions unquestioned. Fool us once. Not twice.