Delaware State Representative Kowalko paints Gov. Markell’s education legacy destructive

The following Rep Kowalko comment was hijacked from What Will Obama’s Education Legacy Be? / Exceptional Delaware 

By State Represetnative John Kowalko

More importantly, in Delaware, what will Jack Markell’s education legacy be. What he pronounced in the tight 2008 primary race or what he is obviously intending to do and has done now. Demean existing public education, denigrate qualified, experienced and caring educators and administrators and ultimately replace them with hand-picked, uncaring non-educator theorists who shill for the corporate agenda. Ignore the realities of the poverty entrapped inner-city poor and their needs and instead make available every public taxpayer dollar, intended to help these children, to the RODELS, INNOVATIVE SCHOOLS, BOAs, VISION (whatever millennium) unqualified and untrained TFA (replacements for real teachers). Harangue and threaten honestly elected (not appointed) citizen volunteer school-boards (who actually have children in our public schools) to deliberately and unconstitutionally usurp their authority granted them by law and the ballot box. What legacy Jack, what legacy are you willing to be left with and through what prism do you wish to be viewed.

Like I said, Governor Jack Markell is the worst governor on public education in Delaware’s history! He hijacked the department of education to fulfill a personal / political agenda that uses the backs on minority children as stepping stones towards his goals and future beyond the office of governor. He has turned every department at the Delaware Department of Education into noting more that a puppet show full of ant brains! It’s going to be a long haul until 2016 when Delaware finally breaks free of the Markell nightmare and the purging of the Delaware Department of Education. But we’ll endure and rebuild after the Markell house of cards implodes! The sun will come up and even the democrats who fear Markell will come crawling out of their holes and pull their heads out of their asses. Jenny will have another three years of employment stamped on her resume and continue here revolving door career.

Go Rep Kowalko! History will be on your side!  

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