Where is the Delaware GOP response to Governor Markell’s intrusive education agenda?

As many may notice there has been very little push-back from the Delaware GOP on Governor Markell’s intrusive education agenda that’s fueled by federal intervention in local control.  Even a leading DE GOP party member Senator Greg Lavelle jumped on the Markell education reform plan with his support of Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. Not even a peep from State Representative Mike Ramone! Then there is State Representative Debbie Hudson that talks a good transparency game but went belly-up and abandoned her own legislation that would require recording of school board meetings.

Perhaps with the DE GOP state committee chairman being an owner of a charter school he stays in the corner like a scared mouse fearing any Markell criticism would unneeded bring attention to his charter school. 

Folks it’s pretty bad in Delaware when a governor owns the Delaware Democrat Party and state legislators all but a few and nearly all republican legislators. Hats off to State Representative John Kowalko who dare to poke Markell in the eye!

I don’t foresee any GOP advancements in 2016 and can only hope we see at least one Libertarian breakthrough and more democrats in-tuned to education issues and the negative impact Markell has had on public education. I just hope when Matt Denn returns to Dover as governor in 2016 he not follow the destructive path Markell has taken. At least with Denn we might see advancement in transparency. One thing I do know, the Delaware Republican Party won’t see many victories in 2016 and for-sure won’t see a republican governor!          

5 responses to “Where is the Delaware GOP response to Governor Markell’s intrusive education agenda?

  1. Ask Mr. Smartie B. if you can catch him when he’s not on up-Chuck Todd’s show…..


  2. lastDEconservative

    It’s always a great question. Where IS the Delaware GoMeToo?

    Their silence is deafening. It used to be disheartening, but one must concede that they stand for either nothing or the same as those other destroyers in Dover, therefore having an expectation of otherwise is futile.

    Damn shame.


  3. Being the most cowardly of individuals ever seen by man, your friends the Republicans are simply waiting to see who will win, and then jump on that bandwagon saying, see, I was right all along… The only reason Delaware could ever hold its stomach and vote for Democratic shills is because the Republican shills are 1,000,000 times worse… and will continue to be headaches until they get rid of Greenville’s influence…. They choose their beds with eyes on other things, not winning elections or assisting the needs of their constituents.


  4. Delaware only has one political party. The Delaware way party