#KeepKowalko delivers the truth on WDEL with John Flaherty #netDE

Transparent Christina

“(The MOU) was  nothing more than an ultimatum…the Japanese would have  refused to sign it on the battleship Missouri”

“Legitimately, Christina has stepped up”

Lots more quotes, take a listen, even a few mystery callers. This may have been the straw that broke Speaker Pete’s back…

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17 responses to “#KeepKowalko delivers the truth on WDEL with John Flaherty #netDE

  1. Publius e decere

    I listened to the whole thing. The pathetic ravings of a rep long past his prime.

    The so-called call in people were “Kevin” and “Nancy”. The rep obviously knew them. It was like watching an audio version of Kilroy’s blog. If this staged setup wasn’t so sad and condescending it would have been funny — on the Daily Show.

    It is clear that the rep has lost his way. No wonder he is off the Ed Committee.

    I was most entertained by the rep when he equated the school districts with America’s most visceral enemy from the Second World War. I guess he didn’t think through his sound bite.



  2. Careful my friend, your personal interest is showing through and your jealous and spiteful little personality has further impaired your comprehension skills as evident in your misinterpretation of my WW II analogy. Sad, pathetic little men should appreciate their anonymity and certainly not attempt to be more clever than their intellectual genealogy permits.
    John Kowalko (still a State Representative)


    • Publius e decere

      I’m pretty sure I got what you said. If you want to disrespect MacArthur and laud Hirohito that is your American right to be wrong.


  3. Disrespect MacArthur??, Laud Hirohito??. My! my! you certainly have an extravagantly, delusional imagination that might best be served writing graphic novellas in the margins of comic books. What else infests that fertile imagination of yours. Gleeful admiration for the precision-like torpedo-bomber attacks that sunk the Yorktown. By the way bitter man, (cursed forever with a closed mind), my father served a 23 year active duty career as a U.S. Marine in both WWII and in Korea and he was stationed on the Yorktown as Admiral “Bull” Halsey’s orderly so take your spiteful little misrepresentations of my analogies and shove them in your selfish, bigoted excuse for a mind.

    Representative (of all the people) John Kowalko


    • Publius e decere

      Thank you John. You have told us all we need to know.


    • Glad to see you taking the high road there john.

      Label a constituent “bitter”, “jealous”, “spiteful”, “sad”, “pathetic”, “bigot”, “selfish” and limited in intellectual genealogy. Did I miss any because I wouldn’t want to misrepresent your statements. Classy, very classy.

      I assume you know Publius and therefore as an elected official you feel it is appropriate to cast insults of the sort that any 3rd grader would be impressed by. If you don’t know him/ her, I question your judgement as an elected official to throw insults which clearly are derogatory. Never the less, I, as an unenlightened, non progressive, non liberal would tend to prefer to look for facts rather than bloviating and hyperbole to justify my opinion.

      Let’s agree about one thing- Open mindedness is not a blank check to agree to stupid policy based on good feelings and some perceived ideology of moral authority. Your perception of which students are being best served is contradicted by the fact that 30% (or more if you consider waiting lists) of your constituents feel that what the state is providing is unacceptable. Failing to address nearly 1/3 of constituents educational needs is hardly covering “ALL” people.


    • Representative (of all the people) John Kowalko… bull shit. No you are not!!

      And yes, your actions on here are disgraceful. You sound like a little kid arguing over who would win… batman or superman. You are fighting on here like a little child and calling people names. You are a rep only because you run unchallenged. You are a disgrace for a rep and I was happy to see you kicked out of that committee… would love to see you kicked out of office.


  4. As have you


    • Seriously… who votes for you? How many votes do you need to run unchallenged? 10? I want names of these idiots. You are a rambling clown. I am putting my dogs dump up against you next time… should be a landslide.


  5. John, I’ve only made it through the first 15 of the audio. But, I was struck by how eloquently is describes the plight of education in Delaware especially when you spoke about the loss of funding under Markell. Thank you.


  6. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Here’s a link – 5 min. Video – describing Quality Education from
    the Superintendent, Montgomery Cty Schools, Dr. Jerry Weast…


  7. I am willing to provide more money for education when we have expenditure reports for every school and operating unit that shows spending by account code and source of funding. When all funding earned by the children goes directly to our schools. When our schools have authority to allocate these funds using Shared Decision Making and when the use of local and federal revenue is limited above the school level.

    I support more money after knowing how and where the current revenue is being used.

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  8. john kowalko

    You are a remarkably classless individual and probably don’t deserve more than a handful of keyboard strokes but since you asked…out of all of the votes cast in the 25th district I attained 75.4% although I was unopposed. I out-polled Coons by 637 votes, Carney by 552, Denn by 930, Barney by 1927 and Mayrack by 2097. Maybe you ought to stand a little further from your dog’s dumps so that the fumes do not affect your mental capacities or you might instead choose, (if you have the courage), to meander up to 8th and French Sts. Fourth floor, with a check and file to run against me. Your tasteless and boorishly immature diatribes probably wouldn’t earn you much support or many votes but you could consider registering your pooch to vote so that you would have at least one equal intellect supporter voting for you.


    • lastDEconservative

      Endless Wonders.

      Certainly of equal value to We the Payers.


    • Thanks for the stats… very interesting. Obviously people will click the button on the only name listed vs not voting. Feel proud you POS. Feel proud to be the DSEA puppet. Feel proud to spend more time on blogs and destroying education vs building up the TPS you claim to support. Did your children attend these same TPS?


  9. Your use of derogatory inference does not merit a response but I’ll answer your desperate search to justify a legitimate criticism of me with the facts.
    Yes, both my son and daughter attended Downes, Bayard, Shue and Newark H.S. contentedly sharing their young lives with children of all stripes from the suburbs, inner-city, upper, lower and middle class, black, white, Asian special-needs and gifted, every moment of their 12 years in Delaware education spent growing in tolerance and understanding of others. My daughters Newark High School valedictory address spoke specifically to the fact that her educational experience was widened immeasurably by the opportunity to meet and get to know all of these diverse children and young adults that shared her life. She received a standing ovation from her class-mates who also appreciated every moment of their own experiences unfettered by some imaginary fear that serves only to provoke animosity. She has successfully completed her Doctorate at Harvard in Evolutionary Genetic Biology and is currently a biology professor at Iowa State University where her husband also teaches and runs a research lab. My son recently graduated from American University’s Washington College of Law “cum laude” with a special award for his law review piece judged as the best article in American University’s “Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law” entitled “Critical Lessons of al-Kidd: Respecting the Dignity of Material Witnesses Through the Special Needs Doctrine” He recently passed his Maryland bar exam and works for a congressionally authorized non-profit that reports on prison conditions in federal prisons that house Washington D.C. prisoners. So yes I talk the talk through personal experience and although I realize you are much younger than I and probably much stronger don’t call me a POS again unless you can muster up the courage to say it to my face. Boorishness and a lack of any concept of class will not win you any votes if you can muster up the courage to run against me. To paraphrase that esteemed Hollywood philosopher “a man’s got to know his limitations” maybe it’s time to recognize yours.

    Representative John A. Kowalko Jr. 25th District Newark