Rumor has it Red Clay School Board is knowingly going to violate State Law

Rumor has A few Red Clay members are having a private meeting with Brandywine PTA  PTO at Brandywine Elementary School 6:30 p.m. to appease upset parents in regards Cooke Elementary School’s Attendance Zone.

While I admire board member who attend PTA  PTO meetings and engage parents outside board meeting, I am very disappointed to see board member violate state law and their oath of office.

The proposed private meeting is to have three or more board member which creates a quorum which requires the meeting to follow open meeting laws. There is no public notice provided for this meeting.

I am still chasing down details and what the F is going on but one person told me it’s probably a secret because some people don’t what the black community involved. 

You know, what impacts one district school impacts all district schools. I find it very hard Red Clay school board members would knowingly violate state law and their oath of office.

Somebody please help straighten out this rumor! I am being told even Merv knows about it!     

4 responses to “Rumor has it Red Clay School Board is knowingly going to violate State Law

  1. 3=legal, 4=quorum


  2. I’d heard (listening to RCCD’s recorded board meeting’s public comment) that a special meeting to discuss the Cooke AZ had been scheduled at Brandywine Springs. What is there to discuss? The vote’s been taken. It’s over.

    In the past I have witnessed communities trying to get into certain attendance zones, but I’ve never seen a community try and keep a high poverty community out of a public school. It’s heartbreaking and ugly.


  3. This is a shameful episode, and an opportunity for the district to show whether it’s finally ready to do what’s best for all of its kids, not just the children of the most manipulative parents. I’m sure there’s a lot of pro-privatization reformers who would love to see a district fail to equitably serve its persistently disadvantaged students yet another time. Which path will Red Clay choose?


  4. Publius e decere

    This group of board members appears to have a specific purpose for attending the meeting and as such is arguably a temporary or ad hoc committee impliedly backed by the entire board to participate in a hearing and to engage in dialog in a discrete forum with an identified group of people for a specific purpose. Sounds like a public body to me, I could certainly argue it that way, subject to FOIA.

    Not only are they violating FOIA, they are also violating HB-23 🙂