Delaware Speaker of The House continues Gov. Markell’s wrecking-ball education agenda

Kowalko bounced from House education committee Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf has bounced Kowalko, a Democrat who has loudly opposed Gov. Jack Markell’s plan to turn around six Wilmington schools, from the House education committee and stripped his chairmanship of the House Energy committee.

Top House Democrats, who do not tolerate dissent among the ranks, also yanked Rep. Helene Keeley, D-Wilmington, from the capital budget committee after she mounted and lost a leadership challenge last month to House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst.

Keeley had been co-chair of the powerful joint capital budget committee of the General Assembly before challenging Schwartzkopf for speaker, the chamber’s top post, in 2012. What it comes do to is Schwartzkopf making good on his threats that you do bash Governor Markell’s education agenda.

Folks in two years from now when lame-duck Markell the worst governor in Delaware’s history on public education is out of here the house cards will fall! Civil rights leaders best take a very very hard look at Speaker Schwartzkopf’s behavior. Schwartzkopft pulled a desk drawer veto on H.B.#23 last year that would of requires school board to record their board meeting. The truth is in transparency and Schwartzkopf opposes it. 

As far Keeley getting bounced! Well everyone one knows you don’t mess with Pete’s number 1

pete window There is he is no Governor Markell’s  knee pad valet peeking to make sure Markell is protected from his own party. 

3 responses to “Delaware Speaker of The House continues Gov. Markell’s wrecking-ball education agenda

  1. Jacques now head of the House Ed. Committee. Good grief.

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  2. Kowalko has one problem – he is one voice and he is incapable of building support for his ideas.


  3. Jaques – Kowalko
    And we wonder why the state is lacking the ability to get comprehensive pragmatic educational reform? Seems pretty obvious a government out of control reflects a voting constituency that doesn’t know how to intelligently vote.
    Change your paradigm people or continue on the dysfunctional path. Not a hard decision but I guarantee the denizens will make the wrong decision deluded by the “lullaby” of hope and change as a policy.