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Jea Street needs to call for legislation allowing the City of Wilmington to authorize charter schools re: A fix for Moyer and Reach

Reach charter school sues state again to stay openMatthew Albright, The News Journal

Reach Academy for Girls is once again suing the Department of Education to avoid closure, making it the second Wilmington charter school fighting a legal battle with the state to stay open.

The schools, both of which serve mostly black, low-income students, argue that closure would rob families of schools they feel are the best fit for their children. But even some charter school supporters say the state needs to be able to close under-performing charters or hundreds of children each year won’t get the education they need to succeed.

It a nutshell, if parents are permitted to choice their children in traditional and charter schools not meeting federal standards re: not meeting AYP, why should Reach and Moyer parents chose these schools even knowing they are at the bottom of the Meece’s crab barrel?

“Last year, the school leaders said they just need one more year,” Murphy said when he announced his decision to close the school. “In one year, the nominal growth is not enough.”

Growth is growth and something to build on! 

“DoE leadership, past and present, created these charter schools knowing full well they were high-poverty and segregated,” Street said. “Then they didn’t give them any more resources, they just come in talking about firing and closing. The Department of Education should be ashamed of itself.”

But Jea, black parents made the “choice”! No one forced these parents to make that choice. High-poverty schools do receive extra funding called Title 1. Then there is the Longwood Foundation helping selected high poverty charter schools. Charter School of Wilmington had their hand out and didn’t get a dime.

Jea, give Jenny a call a float the idea of supporting changes in legislation permitting the City of Wilmington the authority to authorize  charter school and once legislation is signed by Markell, Reach and Moyer can request their charter to move under the City of Wilmington authority. I think it would be a major will for Moyer and Reach and a welcome relief to DE DOE. The cost of legal battles only hurts the taxpayers and children. Wilmington could start the process of being more engaged and adding that mayoral control. Also the city can install members on the charters board of directors.   

Do blogs drive news? In Delaware we fianlly have a reporter willing to give credit.

Delaware Speaker of The House continues Gov. Markell’s wrecking-ball education agenda

Kowalko bounced from House education committee Jonathan Starkey, The News Journal

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf has bounced Kowalko, a Democrat who has loudly opposed Gov. Jack Markell’s plan to turn around six Wilmington schools, from the House education committee and stripped his chairmanship of the House Energy committee.

Top House Democrats, who do not tolerate dissent among the ranks, also yanked Rep. Helene Keeley, D-Wilmington, from the capital budget committee after she mounted and lost a leadership challenge last month to House Majority Leader Valerie Longhurst.

Keeley had been co-chair of the powerful joint capital budget committee of the General Assembly before challenging Schwartzkopf for speaker, the chamber’s top post, in 2012. What it comes do to is Schwartzkopf making good on his threats that you do bash Governor Markell’s education agenda.

Folks in two years from now when lame-duck Markell the worst governor in Delaware’s history on public education is out of here the house cards will fall! Civil rights leaders best take a very very hard look at Speaker Schwartzkopf’s behavior. Schwartzkopft pulled a desk drawer veto on H.B.#23 last year that would of requires school board to record their board meeting. The truth is in transparency and Schwartzkopf opposes it. 

As far Keeley getting bounced! Well everyone one knows you don’t mess with Pete’s number 1

pete window There is he is no Governor Markell’s  knee pad valet peeking to make sure Markell is protected from his own party.