Teach for America losing luster with improved economy!

As recruitment dips, TFA leader says New York training site to close by Sarah Darville on December 12, 2014 6:37 pm Chalkbeat

Teach for America is having trouble recruiting candidates to teach in New York City schools and will close its New York training site in anticipation of declining numbers, the organization’s New York City leader told program alumni on Friday.

Economy get’s better and the Ivy League college graduates heads jobs better suiting them? 

TFA has long faced criticism for putting new teachers into classrooms before they are ready or without an understanding of the cultures of the students they will be teaching. In the past year, the organization’s national leadership has been calling attention to new efforts to keep its teachers in the classrooms after their initial two-year commitments, diversify its recruits, and place teachers in schools and cities where they have personal ties.

Yea how can we call TFA highly qualified without degrees in education with five weeks student teaching in summer school programs? Next thing you know they’ll show up at DE DOE in high profile jobs 😉  

3 responses to “Teach for America losing luster with improved economy!

  1. how could TFA actually work and benfit – make it like a domestic Peace Corp but call it PFA – and imagine all the young energetic new PARAs that would be flooding the classrooms to assist trained and qualified teachers


    • lastDEconservative

      Well, trained maybe.


    • I have wondered this, too. The applicants to TFA are great, and well-motivated. Presumably TFA would need its own funding, so that its employees would be supplemental to existing schools rather than substitutes for more experienced & better paid teachers. There are so many ed. reform-y corporations & foundations in this country, surely one of them could offer TFA fellowships to idealistic young people, in the way you suggest?!