Lizzie comes out of blog coma spitting AYP fire re: Moyer Academy

Why Wasn’t Moyer’s AYP Clock reset in 2012? Are you ready for Super-Charters? By Elizabeth Scheinberg; Children and Educators First 

2006 – “Old” Moyer receives its charter and begins operating.

2010 – DeDOE revokes that charter and orders closure

Later in 2010 – DeDOE grants “extraordinary authority” to K12 Classrooms Delaware, Llc to operate the school.

2012 – The New Maurice J. Moyer Academy Inc, applies to DeDOE to assume operations of the K12-State venture. DeDOE affirms.

Now, let’s take a good look at AYP –

2011/12 -Planning Year – School Operated by K12

2012/13 – New Moyer is alive and on life support.  No AYP calculations.  Why?

2013/14 – School fails to make “Original Model” AYP in its first “countable” year. And does it matter that New Moyer did not exist in 2010/11?  Is the baseline data approach flawed? If it’s Moyer-centric data, wouldn’t the data be inapplicable as the school under the charter that coaxed that data does not actually exist anymore? And If I am wrong in my approach to thinking about this – I hope my fellow bloggers will interject and explain DOE’s rational for 10-11 baseline data.

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