Black Agenda Report calls Teach for America part of a Ferguson Trojan Horse agenda

“Teach For America” Trojan Horse Among Ferguson Activists? by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon / Black Agenda Report 12/10/2014

Teach For America recruits young, mostly white grads from elite colleges to undergo a 5 week training program which supposedly enables them to replace experienced, mostly black teachers in inner city schools. Although TFA used to claim it sends its recruits to “underserved” schools where experienced teachers don’t want to go, the facts are that underprepared TFA temps have replaced tens of thousands of experienced teachers in Newark, Chicago, St. Louis, and dozens of other cities around the country. Teach For America contends that inner-city public schools are NOT underfunded, that chronic poverty, joblessness, homelessness and short staffing are merely “excuses” used to protect the “bad teachers” which its mostly white temps are replacing. This is precisely the opposite of what knowledgeable young activists like the Dream Defenders Phillip Agnew will tell you.

For those not up on the criminal role Teach For America plays in black communities around the country, here are a few links….

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4 responses to “Black Agenda Report calls Teach for America part of a Ferguson Trojan Horse agenda

  1. lastDEconservative

    ” … how can we call TFA highly qualified without degrees in education with five weeks student teaching in summer school programs?”

    If being the boogeyman to all the usual suspects isn’t enough,
    If Kilroy Himself birthing a bovine every time it hits the news isn’t enough,
    If creating an opening through the government/union smokescreen hiding the reality of who is qualified for a govt job in a classroom doesn’t make you say, hmm,
    If (even accidentally) the press points out that those that can do better (i.e., highly qualified) than be in the classroom will,
    If their qualifications aren’t proven by the slanderous claims of the real racists such as the perpetrators of Black Agenda Report,
    If debunking meaningless distraction intended catch phrases like ‘highly qualified’ isn’t enough,
    If watching the establishment squirm in the presence of *gasp* competition doesn’t enlighten you,

    IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED THAT THE MONOPOLY CODE HAS BEEN BROKEN BY TFA, then you must still be slumbering while the lullaby plays.

    Two thirds of our kids can’t read, taught by the monopoly “highly qualified” dues payers in 99.9 of 100 cases. I say let the TFA come on, let’s do a new ten year (can you say NCLB?) experiment with our little guinea pigs and see what happens if the percentages of the government pre-retirees is reversed. What’s to lose? We’ve been gambling (with the guinea pigs being the consistent losers) for 5 generations, with results that are crystal clear, what’s another half a generation?

    Let’s see, what would I take, one year with an ivy league physics whiz kid teaching math on his way to decoding the as yet unknowable, or six years of a UD/Curly/Fred/LFSD-infant-coach type lethargy from a dues paying pre-retiree on her accountability free way to free dental for life with summers off. Hmm.


    • Give me a break

      Just going through my pre-retirement package to double check you. The state contributes zero dollars towards dental in retirement. Sometimes people like you don’t like facts getting in the way but I thought you should know since you are hung up on my teeth.
      But I do admit 31 summers off was damn nice. As such a smart man you should have brought your talents in to lop up some of these cherry bennies. Although whatever you do to pay the bills certainly allows you plenty of time to to post on a blog.


  2. damn kilroy the journal is trumping you – Kowalko bounced from House education committee


    • lastDEconservative

      And Curly unveils a new bumper sticker solution — at least its for something other than government schooling (not education).

      Unveiling #EndlessDiscoveries, new @DelawareTourism brand for #netDE.

      Gotta love them socialists. (My) money is no object. Shit hitting the fan? Give ’em a slogan. Solutions are hard, art is easy.

      This is wrong on so many levels, starting with the lifetime govt employment paradigm. Did we need a slogan? No. Why did we get one? What else did all the people that invented the last one have to do for the last 10 years?

      Also see there that the Highway Commissar is moving on after presiding over the unnecessary relocation of the Republic’s’ bike lanes from adjacent to the curb to adjacent to the traffic lane, the unnecessary construction of uncountable dangerous pork chop blind right turn islands complete with unused pedestrian stop lights, and just now beginning to change all the traffic light supports from simple suspended-by-cable, gravity friendly structures to remarkably costly and utterly benefit free pole/arm structures … for the same reason. Lifetime employment/retirement at every level of govt.

      But back to Kwacko, I guess the denizens will have to organize a parade for the rebel D without a cause. Watch out for your gig, Russo!