The dark side of Maurice J Moyer Academy and I am not talking race.

2013-2014 AYP Not Met as The New Maurice J Moyer Academy with K-12inc service still in tow and possible mortgage loan guarantee.  

2012-2013 AYP Not Met (as The New Maurice J Moyer Academy with K-12inc services still in tow 

2011-2012 AYP Not Met (K-12inc management out and The New Maurice J Moyer Acadmey emerges with contract to continue relationship with K-12inc management. Application approved by state board April 21, 2011. However, application January 03, 2011 for The New Maurice J Moyer and was approved for “new” charter starting academic year 2012-2013. 

2010-2011 Not Rated  (Under K12inc management.  New school accountability clock reset and under K12inc with Citizen Budget Oversight Committee ) Spring 2011 test score plummet under K12inc WTF OMG ! Moyer / K12.Inc achievement data pitiful Posted on by kilroysdelaware See previous blog post Delaware State Auditor needs to investigate Moyer Charter School Posted on by kilroysdelaware Will Lillian Lowery require the “New Maurice J Moyer Academy” to have oversight committee Posted on by kilroysdelaware Why is DEDOE holding back on Moyer’s financial reports?Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer Charter in violation of HB119 Posted on by kilroysdelaware Why is DEDOE allowing Moyer to operate in the dark? Posted on by kilroysdelaware WTF Fort Apache aka Moyer Academy Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer meltdown! WPD SRO goes in to action Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer: From miracle to mess Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer; Virtual School ?? Who approved that ? Posted on by kilroysdelaware Did Lowery give Moyer Academy a special ed buy?? Posted on by kilroysdelaware No Fed Edu-Job money for Moyer, I mean Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer Academy principal came from a FL. failing charter school; Markell looks the other way Posted on by kilroysdelaware Its OK for Moyer to fail but not DEDOE: Check out this USDOE report Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer Academy the sacrifical lamb Posted on by kilroysdelaware Moyer Charter School; Markell’s educational Katrina Posted on by kilroysdelaware Markell’s agents slams Moyer Acadmey Posted on by kilroysdelaware

2009-2010 Academic Review (decision by DE DOE to close April 20, 2010) Closed per DE DOE due to academics and governance June 30, 2010 (Rumor has it and just a rumor, Theo Gregory , one of Moyer’s founder and school leader wasn’t kissing Jack Markell political ass. )

2008-2009 Commendable (under Theo Gregory’s leadership) 

2007-2008 Academic Review 

2006-2007 Not Applicable  

In 06-07 their was no school rating as like all charter school and public school forced to reorganize, their first year isn’t rated. Fair enough because of transition / plans to be given a chance.

07-08 Moyer received Academic Review one rating up from Academic Watch.

08-09 Moyer received Commendable one rating behind Superior

Kilroy fast-forward 2015:

Just for the record Jenny doesn’t know the inside history of what went down and What does Markell and K12.Inc have in common Posted on by kilroysdelaware. In comes down to this, Markell got a bug up his ass because “apparently” Theo was going to be Markell’s little Wilmington puppet. The problem Moyer was having were noting compared to the bullshit near corruption going-on in some charter schools. If anything, Moyer needed “technical assistance” and real support from DE DOE. Theo / Moyer unlike Charter School of Wilmington opened it’s door to the most intense at-risk inner city kids. Theo understands “tough love” when it comes to dealing with many troubled kids. No doubt there was direct Markell involvement taking Moyer / Theo down. The bid to put Moyer into private hands was a no-bid contract going to Markell’s old butt-buddy “a for profit publicly listed corporation”. Even as Moyer aka The New Moyer tried to move out of the grips of K12 they had trouble because an internal $$ power grip.    

Don ‘t get me wrong, I am not trying to save Moyer! The current Moyer board turned a blind-eye to real transparency and the sad part is, DE DOE went alone. Even to this date documentation on DE DOE and contracts haven’t been made pubic. Why? Perhaps the contract gave extra funding over and above other Delaware public  / charter schools. Moyer was to shift from using commercial credit-card to state P-card. Moyer isn’t listed in Markell’s P-card transparency website. Moyer indeed does have structural leadership issues but the biggest downfall and reason behind Moyer current failures are PARENTS. Moyer parents put too much trust in the schools leadership and appears to have just gone for the ride! Public schools including charter schools belong to the public and when the public and parents within fail to take “ownership” children lose! There is one sure way Moyer can be saved but “WILMINGTON” lacks to will to rise to the occasion! No not riots! To stage a massive protest and I am talking thousands! You ain’t never going to take back the streets if you can stand and save one school. Governor Markell would love to see Moyer buried along with all the $$$$$ secrets.

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