Miss B no excuses re: Moyer! Markell gave fair warning! see Markell’s courage and grit video!

Moyer Academic Institute has turned around BEBE ROSS COKER, DELAWARE VOICE

In the overall picture of where we must go with education in our state, there is no room for personal fights, self-serving interest, and motivated political meanderings.

We are talking about our children and their future – which is our future.

We cannot reduce this dilemma to fiscal battles, poor excuses, abdication of learning and the teaching, power brokering, and above all putting “system before service to students.”

This entire process of change must ask and answer the only important question there is: How can we best benefit our children and their path to a viable and productive future?

Bebe Ross Coker is vice chair of the board for Moyer Academic Institute.

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In deed Moyer students deserve a chance and in fact if parents make the Moyer “Choice” in-spite of Governor Markell DE DOE puppet show than so be it. However, Markell needs to show courage by closing low performing schools and since he can’t do that with traditional schools, charters are it!  You see, Markell needs to build his resume for life after being Delaware’s King. He needs to show courage and grit! He made a 2008 pre-election commitment to end re-segregation via charters, skimming and creaming of students! But he LIED! Moyer needsto stay open even with the current school state and principle. However, the board must be reorganized and transparent. 

Looks like Markell and his inner chamber gave Moyer a fair warning. This bill failed to end cherry-picking of students and continues the protectionism of selective charter schools. Make note of Markell’s litte BS life is not fair!    

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  1. This bill signing pressers are invite only. It is not a coincidence that most of these legislators standing with Jack Markell are Republican. Markell just gave his right hand man, Charterboy Sokola, the chairmanship of the Bond Bill Committee (yeah, via Patti Blevins) which pays off at an extra tens of thousands per annum (20K or more).

    And this video reminds me that I will be asking Deb Hudson what she gained by her recent political schools-junket to Arizona (with Ron Russo and a Wilmington Councilwoman).


    • lastDEconservative

      Arizona? Rodel’s summer home site?


    • lastDEconservative

      Hudson, Russo, and an unnamed city councilman … sounds like a Johnny Carson Karnak skit question. Would that Carson could tell us what that lot is up to via commonality.


  2. You have missed the boat on charter schools. Let’s take a moment for the real deal.

    Charter schools are diverse. They serve a variety of needs. Many “cherry pick” the special needs students and students who are left out of the system. Some have succeeded wildly and some have found their population harder to bring to an arbitrary standard. The attack by DOE on these schools is nutty. Almost all of these students were failing, now half are succeeding. If DOE has ideas, they should share them. They never had them before.

    In other cases, two or three cater to the gifted and talented children who are not served in regular district schools. The schools refuse to develop a rigorous curriculum. They rather use them to help other students and do their job. Rich parents just sent them to private schools in PA, MD, or Delaware. Now district schools are mad because they are losing their average raisers. Serve them and you won’t lose them. That is the power of choice. The only thing that has been unfair is the talent that had been wasted before now.

    The majority of charter schools just serve everyone. They offer some unique approach or emphasis. Many use a lottery after the early entrants. Students that did not fit the current fad now have somewhere to go. The problem is that the educational establishment thinks they have a birthright to be the arbiter of all educational approaches even though the evidence suggests we need less of their involvement not more.