Is Family Foundation keeping their CBOC in the $$$$$$$$$ dark including the DE DOE Rep?

Family Foundations Academy Charter School
Citizens Budget Oversight Committee
January 12, 2015
1 Fallon Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19804
7:00 p.m.
• Welcome/Call-To-Order
• Adoption of Agenda
• 2nd Quarter Financial Report (October 2014, November 2014, December 2014)
• Facilities/Expansion Update
• Adjourn Public Meeting

This is a joke !!! Nothing about reviewing credit-card expenditures!

Per state law that Lt. Governor Matt Denn championed: 

4.0 Committee Members for Charter Schools

4.1 Each Charter School shall be required to establish its Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (Committee) no later than June 1, 10. The Committee shall have access either electronically or in hard copy format to financial documents and financial information the Charter School has in its possession and that are relevant to the financial position of the district, with redactions permitted only to protect confidential personal information regarding students or employees.

4.2 The Committee shall have at least five (5) members with representation from educators and parents of students in the school and representation from the Department of Education. In addition, where possible, the Committee shall have at least two members with formal educational or vocational backgrounds amenable to oversight of school district financial statements. Further provided, Committee members shall not be compensated, except for allowable mileage for training or similar activities, for participation on such Committee.

4.3 Each Charter School may establish its own policy for its Citizen Oversight Budget Committee. The Charter School, if it chooses to establish its own policy, shall submit the policy to the Department within ninety (90) calendar days of the effective day of this regulation. The Associate Secretary for Finance and Services shall review the proposed policy and make a decision within fifteen (15) work days to approve or request revisions. The decision to approve or request revisions shall be based on whether the policy meets the provisions in 4.4.

Folks the assumption that DE DOE is just an oversight body on the charter’s CBOC is bullshit! The designates the DE DOE “member” as a “representative”. So one must question how a DE DOE representative of the charter school division on this committee wasn’t aware of credit-card expenditures?   

5.0 Citizen Budget Oversight Committee Training

5.1 The Citizen Budget Oversight Committee Training (Training) means the educational programs developed by the Department of Education for the local school district and charter school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee members. This Training shall, at a minimum, consist of two (2) hours and cover the following topics:

5.1.1 Overview of education budget process and timeliness

5.1.2 Instruction in the basic rules of budgeting, including State of Delaware funds, local funds, and federal funds;

5.1.3 State Financial Management System; and

5.1.4 Reporting requirements.

Well obviously two hours of training isn’t enough. But forget that and look who is responsible for training of the CBOC! DE DOE! 

6.1 Each member of a Citizen Budget Oversight Committee shall attend and receive a Certificate of Completion for the Citizen Budget Oversight Committee training within three ((3) months of subsequent appointment to a Citizen Budget Oversight Committee. Provided further, additional training may be required from time to time as determined by the Department.

One would think these certificates would be posted on the school’s website! But for Family Foundation there isn’t any CBOC minutes and vague meeting agendas.  

At the end of the day, all the concerning financial inappropriateness that is going on at Family Foundations under DE DOE’s nose erodes the intent of this legislation! When our State Auditor Thomas Wagner releases his report I hope is recommendations as far as remedies include retraining DE DOE superiors or upping the bar on senior job qualifications that requires comprehension of legislation / laws governing public education. There needs to be a clear firewall between the governor and his puppets making clear that promoting the governor self-center agenda is secondary to legal requirements governing public education.

To the parents of Family Foundation: now is the time to demand full transparency of your child’s school including recordings of board meetings posted within seven days of the last meeting. Your trust in school officials and the Delaware Department of Education is blind-trust whereas, at the end of the day your child’s school will be force closed because of “your” blind trust. DE DOE is fractured and too fixated on circling the wagons protecting the lies within.

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