Delaware Liberal and Delaware Way unknowingly exposed an A,B,C,D,F national agenda

Nancy Willing over at Delaware Way is running this post: October 30, 2014 Education Update: DDOE Seeks Public Input On “A New Accountability System”…..No, Not Accountability For DDOE…..For Our School     

Over at Delaware Liberal blogger Delaware Dem is running this post: December 29, The DOE Education Survey 

Comment by Pandora:

The illustrations are of a stoplight (I guess green is good, yellow is warning and red is bad), Letter grades (A, B, C, D, F), Symbols (Green Star, yellow check, red X – like the stoplight) and Performance ratings (Distinguished, Meets Expectations, On Watch, On Probation).

Talk about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I guess if we only changed letter grades to a stoplight we’d see improvement.

Though we are talking K-12, it may appears the agenda is bigger. Look at this; August 27, 2104  The White House plans to rate your college — here’s what you need to know BY KYLA CALVERT 

And unlike most magazine-based college rankings, schools will not be listed one-by-one from best to worst. Instead, they’ll be grouped into broad categories like Excellent, Good, Fair or A, B, C, D.

And from our friends in Washington:

Kline, Alexander Respond to Administration’s College Ratings Proposal WASHINGTON, D.C. | December 19, 2014 –

House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) and Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Ranking Member Lamar Alexander (R-TN) issued the following statements after the Department of Education released the framework for an unprecedented college ratings system:  

“The same administration that created the debacle, now wants to arbitrarily grade and rank our nation’s diverse system of colleges and universities,” said Chairman Kline. “After working for more than a year on this unprecedented scheme, the department clearly hasn’t begun to figure it out. We should be looking for opportunities to empower students and families with information that allows them to make informed decisions. This should be done through commonsense reforms of the law, and there is already strong bipartisan support for such an effort. This so-called college ratings system is a fool’s errand and the secretary needs to stop it immediately.”  

From Education Week November 09, 2012 NCLB Waiver Plans Push School Grading Systems States assign stars, letters, ratings By Andrew Ujifusa 

As more states move to assign letter grades, stars, and other ratings to schools through their federal No Child Left Behind Act waiver applications, the diversity of the plans shows that getting an A or an F would mean different things in different states. 

There could be unintended consequences. With easy-to-grasp A-F letter grades in Arizona, for example, parents could end up flocking in droves to A schools, since the state has an open enrollment policy, said Arizona PTA President Rochelle Wells. Since districts generally do not pay transportation costs for students from outside a school’s neighborhood, children from wealthier backgrounds could have a leg up on attempts to get into A schools, she said. 

But Ms. Wells said that, for the most part, she thought the new A-F system would help parents. 

“The actual letter, I think, makes a parent understand it better,” she said.

Now for the Kilroy’s analogy; It’s obvious there is a deep-seeded agenda to push a common core like school rating system to compliment Common Core Standards and gee wouldn’t it be nice if parents were able to use the same measurement tools in selecting colleges.

DE DOE promotes their agenda as collaborating with parents and the community and a good thing. However, DE DOE is part of laying a smoke-screen to cover the Arne Duncan and Wall Street Trojan Horse agenda. Folks it’s all part of the master plan! If Duncan can work in the shadows and push lapdogs like Governor Markell into changing state school rating systems they can jump out and say great idea! See there is no federal agenda, the states pushed a plan.

Sadly the clueless fucks in legislative hall will buy into this plan and for sure Delaware PTA will be ask via funding to help educate parents. Delaware PTA now is the time to engage! Any changes in the state school rating system must be approved by our state legislators. 

Folks DE DOE didn’t think of this themselves and we all know Governor Jack Markell writes the script.

All this shit comes at a good time as it will create a diversion within social media groups that will shift some of the focus off of Priority Schools and the civil rights charge up the hill against DE DOE and Red Clay. Yea Yea Yea I know Mr. Matthews the district and labor will be boxed it the corner like Race to The Top, Common Core Standards and The Smarter Balanced Assessment. There is that we have no choice escape hatch! Or Markell will fuck us on state funding if we don’t drop to our knees!

Mark my words there is an agenda brewing and you can be attempts to reauthorize NCLB will have this new rating system embed within.      

18 responses to “Delaware Liberal and Delaware Way unknowingly exposed an A,B,C,D,F national agenda

  1. Greg MAZZOTTA

    I attended the information session in Kent Cty, sitting in same row as Kevin and quickly noted that:
    – the design team of education leaders, Part A, were not disclosed.
    – the survey was going to adopt a push strategy with paid people
    pushing the survey at shopping malls, gatherings, etc.
    – the anonymous aspect of this survey instrument is suspect.

    My comments were captured by the Dover Post reporter in his article.

    I was there after participating in the IEP Task Force Mtg, – requiring
    Process Improvement and Sustainability – hoping to seek further collaboration with DOE beyond the Exceptional Children’s

    I received the list of Part A members, which I requested, and wondered if their goal is Process Improvement and Sustainability
    and if I might help support them thru the state quality award program’s
    assessments, resources, tools, and the support from an international quality community.

    With the assistance of a Legislator, I received a response from my
    request to meet and re-fresh these quality education offerings from 1999. My request was denied and I’m left wondering if the next
    15 years will lead Delaware off-track to where other states are realizing gains in quality education.

    On a personal note, I could not help think about how DE Education Leaders are not showcasing and modeling proven leadership
    behavior traits.

    In 2000, Milford schools were recognized by then Lt. Gov. John Carney with the Models of Excellence Award, in part influenced
    by our state quality award program, established by then Gov. Tom Carper, for their Plan-Do-Study-Act quality model.

    The PDSA cycle has since matured to include: Approach-Deployment-Learning-Integration to demonstrate the maturity level of this system.

    I’m left wondering…will DE Education ever mature beyond the minimum standards with education leadership so frightened by
    innovation and learning as seen by their peers in: FL, TX, MN, MD, PA, OH, SC, IN, CA, MI, KY. TN and others.

    I helping design the 2015 National Quality Education Conference and invite all to comment and hope that Delaware education leaders might
    consider participating. In 2014, we celebrated quality education success with 38 states and 6 countries.


    • lastDEconservative

      Dear Don,
      Consider that the anomaly you so diligently and unceasingly deplore is NOT the inaction of the “leaders” of the People’s Republic in all the dark days since 1999 or 2000, rather, the anomaly is that brief moment in time, lo, these many years and lost children ago, that the destroyers, clearly in leave of their progressive/socialist senses, DID recognize/promote/reward “quality” in some way or another beyond false lip service, if just for that moment. Having no doubt been severely upbraided by the higher ranking in the Alinsky compliance brigades, and to your historical (hysterical?) chagrin, the term and the methods were abandoned, never to see the light of day again.
      For the peace your mind may see upon adoption, you’re welcome.


  2. lastDEconservative

    I wonder how many posts I’ve made. No matter, it seems that my simple on point, oft noted insight is gradually being absorbed by no less than the grammar handi-caped crusader himself …

    In the above rant, Kilroy -correctly- notes the following:

    -It’s obvious there is a deep-seeded agenda

    -DE DOE is part of laying a smoke-screen

    -Folks it’s all part of the master plan!

    -they can jump out and say … there is no federal agenda

    -Sadly the clueless fucks in legislative hall will buy into this plan

    -Delaware PTA will be ask via funding to help educate parents.

    -it will create a diversion

    -there is an agenda brewing

    Goodness!! What’s next? Conceding the game to Publius?


  3. Greg MAZZOTTA

    So noted…last. Adopting your comforting insights.


  4. I’m not seeing how the college ratings would work. It simply isn’t as simple as a grade for the entire college. When looking for colleges people look into specific departments/programs. If you’re interested in majoring in journalism, engineering, business, etc. then you’re looking for a university that has strong, well funded programs in that specific area. So… a C ranked university could very well have an A+ program in your major. Or an A ranked university may not even offer your major, or the program could be weak.

    When researching colleges/universities here’s part of what we looked for.

    1. The specific program our kids were interested in. My son is a junior Mech Engineering major and my daughter has applied to schools where she can major in engineering (mechanical or biomedical) and minor in Communications – she’s decided that there’s a need for people with communication skills in the STEM field. I agree – since STEM fields need funding and someone has to be able to communicate the ideas to non STEM people.

    This means we only looked at universities that offered strong engineering programs for my son and strong engineering and communications programs for my daughter. An overall letter grade won’t tell you much – unless you do the work and find out exactly what that grade is based on. So… letter grades for colleges won’t mean you get out of researching universities in depth.

    2. SAT scores. When you’re looking into colleges you’ll want to look at the range of SAT scores they accept to see if you fit into their profile. I’m all for shooting for the stars, but your SAT score pretty much shows you where you’ll be accepted. It also increases your chances of scholarships. (If money isn’t a problem then apply to the Ivy League – they’re always willing to take your money since they fund the kids they truly want from it.)

    You also want to be careful not to apply to a school whose SAT scores are significantly lower than yours (unless the program you’re interested in is excellent at that school – see, it isn’t as simple as a letter grade). Sadly, our SAT scores direct us to certain universities.

    3. Drop out rates and graduation rates matter. High drop out rates and low graduation rates are a red flag. They’re telling you something is wrong; that there’s a structural problem at the school.

    So, unless someone can tell me how assigning a letter grade to a university will actually make life easier for parents I’m not buying into this. It just sounds lazy.

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    • And on the other hand, many students enter college thinking they know what they’ll major in and switch (multiple times!)–subjects are harder than they thought, or less interesting than they’d imagined; they take a distribution course that piques their interest in a different field, or have a friend majoring in something they’d never considered before. So some sense of the college’s overall strengths and culture, beyond individual depts., is also important. (By grad school, you really are looking at just one program–the wider university isn’t very relevant.)

      The simplistic ABCD grading mechanism is silly for such complex institutions. And like the USNews and other ranking systems, colleges will learn how to manipulate their ranking–in ways that are often not to the benefit of their actual programs (and students). It’s a game.


    • I miss the age of Liberal Arts degrees. That was the time students discovered what truly interested them, by being exposed to a variety of fields. It also created well rounded people. Now we expect kids to know exactly what they want to be in middle school. No wonder so few graduate in four years.


    • lastDEconservative

      ” … tell me how assigning a letter grade to a university will actually make life easier for parents … ”

      … which never crossed the minds of the agenda enactors!

      And I can’t help but wonder if your doubts here are likewise for the same pre-university simplistic system created by the elites for the droolers (to help keep them drooling).

      These are your people; I get that you don’t buy it (for yourself) and you shouldn’t, but this is the same song, different verse of the song brought to you by the crowd who brought 1-12; oops, K-12; oops, pre-K-12; oops, early ed-12; oops early ed-postsecondary; oops, early ed to work; oops, birth to work (and beyond, if the wrong choice was made) … liberalism is the height of laziness. This is but one small manifestation.


  5. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Pandora – this link may be of interest to you…

    I serve on the planning/design team.


    • Thanks, Greg. I took a long look at the school and it isn’t a good fit for her.


    • lastDEconservative

      “Advancing the STEM Agenda.”

      Wow. As if the STEM agenda isn’t poisonous enough in its own right, I never cease to be amazed how brazenly and openly the poison is distributed. 99,999 of 100,000 members of boobus Americanus will read “AGENDA” and not realize they are being subjected to an agenda. Present company excluded, of course.


    • lastDE, is STEM part of the Agenda 21 thing?


    • lastDEconservative

      Simple as well as last conservative; don’t understand the intent or the literal question.


  6. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Eve…indeed a game to be played by complex institutions as well as as a tactic to avoid accountability. A blog posting highlighted the insight of “all are responsible and no one is accountable”.

    Having a Quality Education methodology helps individuals recognize the value of their work effort to the success of the organization. Leadership sets the Vision, Mission, and Values and the senior leadership team help drive these forward.

    Since 1993, I have observed the playing of these games and the time
    has come for leadership to know the failings realized.


  7. Greg MAZZOTTA

    Regarding STEM focus on Education, I serve on the leadership team that helps ASQ launch this. My colleague, Dr. Cindy Veenstra has written the book – The STEM Agenda. No black helicopters lDc.

    My posting of the link may have been confusing as I was pointing out”
    – there is a National STEM Conference
    – there are Higher Ed’s taking the lead in this initiative
    – In my opinion, DE is missing an opportunity to collaborate in these efforts.
    – I was not pushing a particular school

    Interestingly, MI is taking the courageous move of re-configuring
    and updating their school of Education in order to reflect more closely,
    the advancements of the past 15 years.

    Also, there are leading states taking their cues from the lessons learned and an, again, opportunities for DE schools to collaborate.


    • lastDEconservative

      I’m sorry to hear that you are one of the pilots of this terrible agenda. And perhaps surprised; I don’t think Deming would approve. Your discounting of the effects of the agenda being perpetrated on our most valuable and most vulnerable (and their generationally brainwashed parents) betrays either ignorance of it or belief in it. Sadly, the latter seems more likely, as you say, “Regarding STEM focus on Education … ” instead of “Regarding Education(‘s) focus on STEM … “, “Education” meaning the leviathan.

      You needn’t fret about Delaware missing this boat. Curly’s all in, there’s a STEM council and more, the PTA is in on it … what else could you want?


  8. Greg MAZZOTTA

    LastDEconservative…please cease twisting my words. Find a word play partner elsewhere. What value do your comments add to
    understanding the critical need of STEM focused curricula?

    Stop hiding behind the veil of an alias.


    • lastDEconservative

      Be assured that I have no intention of adding value to the false premise you promote, so don’t look for it or expect it. Critical need of STEM focused curricula, indeed. Needed by whom? This is clearly one of the most poisonous creations ever given birth by the leviathan.

      Every promotion of STEM is an opportunity I consider an obligation to point out the “agenda” aspect in hopes of keeping an innocent out of the trap.