Kilroy’s 2015 prediction! Sex Scandal to rock DE DOE

With DE DOE crumbling at it’s foundation with poor oversight of charter schools, DE DOE Charter CBOC Reps sitting by while funds meant for children are being raiding to serve adult greed, civil rights complaints, violations of Title 1 Section 1118, and other questionable spreading, the last thing left is a sex scandal. 

7 responses to “Kilroy’s 2015 prediction! Sex Scandal to rock DE DOE

  1. Thanks Kilroy! I needed a good laugh!


  2. Kilroy is that you and the Mrs.? Doesn’t matter, it’s how I will picture you now. Gettin your disco on. Hi Kevin, I see your night is as exciting as mine. 😀 Happy New Year


  3. Sex scandal? From Maryland?

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    Only Kilroy could put this up and have me laughing hysterically every time I see it. Happy New Year Kilroy!