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Kilroy’s 2015 prediction! Sex Scandal to rock DE DOE

With DE DOE crumbling at it’s foundation with poor oversight of charter schools, DE DOE Charter CBOC Reps sitting by while funds meant for children are being raiding to serve adult greed, civil rights complaints, violations of Title 1 Section 1118, and other questionable spreading, the last thing left is a sex scandal. 

The Last Post of 2014 Will Be A Huge Part of 2015

Exceptional Delaware

New Years Eve.  The transition from one year to the next.  Like I said a week ago, this blog will be changing gears soon, and it will be going against the grain.  Some things need to be talked about, and there needs to be an honest conversation about it.  It exists, and it is seldom talked about anymore with all the other talk in Delaware about priority schools and corporate education reform.  I understand teachers are pissed off, and I am to.  I can’t stand what has happened to education in the past ten years.  But one thing gets me angrier than anything, and that’s this:


This is an MRI scan from a boy with special needs.  He got hit in the head two days before Christmas on the last day of school.  This was his 8th physical assault this year.  That is 8 too many.  He got a concussion…

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