Some members of Christina School Board may be digging in for a fight with Markell re: Priority Schools

Christina’s priority schools debate remains unresolved By Yossi Goldstein / WDEL

Christina School Board member David Resler told WDEL that the money the state is allocating for each of the three Priority schools would barely be enough to cover the proposed annual salary for the hiring of new school leaders.

Looks like a no vote to me!

The vote to accept or reject the DOE’s plan for Christina’s three Priority Schools will take place Jan. 7, 2015.

I’d say no and if Markell wants to takeover the three schools let him. Let Markell walk the talk! LEt’s not forget the state takeover of Moyer that went belly-up!

9 responses to “Some members of Christina School Board may be digging in for a fight with Markell re: Priority Schools

  1. Sounds like a great plan.

    Young said he is “not really hopeful” the state will approve what is ultimately submitted.


  2. lastDEconservative

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the wise to make note …

    Don’t you get it, denizens, Curly the Commie has already gotten his resume (and ego) boost! All the ballyhoo about the two districts standing tall and fighting back and flexing their muscles and saying no — pfftt! They are dancing to Dover’s tune, maybe a bit out of step, but publicly, quickly, and furiously dancing nonetheless. ANY response from RCCSD or CSD greater than none at all is a loud, resounding agreement with Curly’s claim that the district(s) failed. What else does he need? “Forced two large districts to jump through their asses over six schools I deemed failing” will read pretty good under Accomplishments in the world in which the document will circulate. What do you think the verbiage on The Lillian’s resume consisted of? Real accomplishments?

    Five’ll get you ten that -whatever- either district puts up will be approved with no more than a couple perfunctory changes (punctuation maybe) … making the above potential resume entry actually true. Merv and the Free Man save face (“My Plan”), both operate under a new (2,875th) State edict (“My Plan”) and all goes back to normal; day to day, quiet, continued erosion of the potential of the populace’s most valuable and most vulnerable. Q.E.D.

    To think that the plan itself (its quality, its likelihood of success, etc.) is the goal of the leviathan is to think that the chil’ren are the focus of the diktat. Surely you all know better than THAT. Marxell has already gotten his … results don’t really matter, don’t you know, as long as your intentions are good.


  3. I am glad that the two news sources being quoted throughout Delaware since Thanksgiving are WDDE and WDEL. The News Journal has take the back seat next to the Cape Gazette where it properly belongs.


  4. LDC, rather than opining on matters you haven’t bothered to study, try attending meetings and reading source reports. Local news blurbs and blogs are rarely adequate source material – unless you really don’t mind coming off as an uninformed whiner. Specifically – the CSD plans and MOUs.


    • lastDEconservative

      Oh, dear way!

      I stand by my eponymous (of you) prediction, and appreciate knowing that I’m over the target yet again as your spats of venom fly by like tracer rounds. Come back in 8 days when the deals are done and the hands are shaken and the photos are taken, and let’s see how far I missed it. Then in 8 months, and 8 years, come again and look back at the inevitable failure (not admitted, but proven by) the 4 or 5 next next big things that have succeeded this one, and best of all, see -another- generation of kids lost, sacrificed on the altar of the elites, the wise, the progressives, the “delaware way-ers.” I’ll put my “source material” up against your juvenile accusatory ad hominem every time — I don’t recall you, or any of the denizens, being in the room two Visions ago, where butt buddies Merv and the Coach put on a show that Siegfried and Roy, or Laurel and Hardie, more likely, would have tipped their hats to — or been embarrassed by, maybe. I only wish I could unsee that breakout session panel. And I wish just once you would see that swimming in the minutiae of MOUs and such is exactly what the leviathan wants you to do, so that you can’t possibly see the forest, after which your voice might be put to critical [good] use!

      Frankly my dear, “ANY response from RCCSD or CSD greater than none at all is a loud, resounding agreement with Curly’s claim that the district(s) failed” is one of my best lines ever. Both district’s’ acknowledgements put them prostrate on the mat. This ref has raised Marxell’s hand and rung the bell. He has no need of further exertion.


    • venomous? I was honestly trying to be gentle.


    • lastDEconservative

      * Like !

      Don’t forget to keep track of the pan v last scorecard for the Priority Schools outcome. You should be able to make a little cash taking bets!

      Happy, happy, y’all.


  5. As CSD tax payer, I sure as hell want no part of funding district schools taken over by either DDOE or random charters having no elected-by-district-resident board oversight.

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