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Audit details financial impropriety at Delaware charter Newsworks DECEMBER 30, 2014

That’s according to an independent forensic audit provided to the state earlier this month and released Monday to the public.

The audit details the frequency with which Sean Moore and Dr. Tennell Brewington made large and lavish purchases using the card. Moore, for example, made 32 purchases of $500.00 or more during the 20-month period covered by the audit. They included a $2,500 car payment at Infiniti of West Chester, $1,491 on “fine watches” at Macy’s, and $3,224 for home furniture at Raymour and Flanigan, to name a few

Brewington made eight such purchases, among them a $1,155 charge at a Northern Virginia spa.

In all, Moore and Brewington charged more than $94,000 in personal expenses to the school card. Of that total, about $77,000 came from the unspent balance of a loan the school had taken out to pay for two capital projects.

What get’s me is, a representative of the Delaware Department of Education is a committee member on the school Citizen Budget Oversight Committee.

I don’t know if what took place was criminal but if so there needs to be criminal charges and the entire school board needs to be replace. Also, action needs to be taken against the DE DOE committee representative.

I am not going to let the big cat out of the bag but OMG wait until Water Boy get’s done! 

I can’t breath but I can’t read either

Big Picture” presents the Community Justice Forum at NDF – December 18th WITN22 Wilmington

Listen to the first community speaker who said,  “I can’t breath but I can’t read either”.  Do what entire video. 

Some members of Christina School Board may be digging in for a fight with Markell re: Priority Schools

Christina’s priority schools debate remains unresolved By Yossi Goldstein / WDEL

Christina School Board member David Resler told WDEL that the money the state is allocating for each of the three Priority schools would barely be enough to cover the proposed annual salary for the hiring of new school leaders.

Looks like a no vote to me!

The vote to accept or reject the DOE’s plan for Christina’s three Priority Schools will take place Jan. 7, 2015.

I’d say no and if Markell wants to takeover the three schools let him. Let Markell walk the talk! LEt’s not forget the state takeover of Moyer that went belly-up!

Time to fold the Delaware Priority Schools tent

Face it, Markell is getting his way with Priority Schools even though the MOU’s might be slightly water-down. Markell will be long gone when we’ll know if the plan was a success. But Markell still gets the feather for his cap for getting tough on failing schools and taking on the union. That’s what it’s all about, feeding Markell’s ego and padding his resume.

So what will 2015 bring on the education front?

Will we see passage of legislation requiring and school districts, votech districts and charter schools to record their board meetings?

What about school vouchers? Will we see any legislation laying the groundwork?

Which legislator will be selected as new chair of the House Education Committee?