Delaware: East Side Charter School’s enrollment process must be adopted as law for all Delaware charter schools

Required Documentation 

All applications must have the required documents attached before the application can be processed.

  1. Proof of Age
  2. Proof of a completed lead test (if the applicant is 5 years old or younger)
  3. Updated Immunization (2 varicella shots)
  4. 2 Proofs of Residency*
  5. *1. Lease or Mortgage and one utility bill or two utility bills, (gas, water and/or electric bills accepted)
  6. *2. If Lease, mortgage, or bills are not in the applying parents name(s) please submit a notarized letter from the person you reside with stating your residency and that the potential student resides and one of the owners utility bill
  7. Photo I.D. for parent guardian
  8. Custody Documentation (if applicable)

After Enrollment

In an effort to design the proper support to assist your child, accepted applicants will also need to submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of DCAS/MAP Scores
  2. Copy of Last Report Card
  3. Copy of Child’s I.E.P. (if applicable)
  4. Student Information Form (below)

I urge all Delaware legislator to make note of East Side Charter School’s admission process. This is what I call open enrollment where needs based information is secondary to enrolling students re: After Enrollment.

In contrast to Charter School of Wilmington, East Side Charter Schools is more successful. The goal of education reform going back to inception of ESEA is to address the issues impacting the achievement gap targeting those below the achievement gap. Charter School of Wilmington mission is clearly counterproductive to that goal.

Some call Kilroy anti-charter school which is furthest from the truth! Public schools must be opened to all students without discriminatory admission standards.  Kilroy is also a stickler for transparency and East Side Charter has a fine webpage layout. Kilroy supports school Choice with charter schools being a part of that process. However, again that Choice should not have admission barriers such as sorting children at the front door (admission) like USDA Grades of beef. I am sure East Side has programming within that challenges all students from students demonstrating honors level needs to the lower performing students. This how all “public” schools should operate and if charters are public they must serve all children regardless to where they fall on the achievement scale. 

Governor Markell manipulates the News Journal to emphasize on  successful charter schools like East Side to justify his re-engineering of traditional public schools via his Priority Schools plan. However, Governor Makell who made a campaign promise of “skimming and creaming”  high achieving students to game the school rating system stacking their charter schools with overachievers like Charter School of Wilmington fail to live up to his promise. It’s clear Governor Markell doesn’t want to offend or burden his white affluent peers with such an undertaking. Sure, no doubt East Side Charter school appreciates the governor support. However, the success of East Side Charter cannot be realized across the state unless our state legislators knock-down what appears to be a white brick wall.  

Again to all Delaware legislators, East Side Charter Schools open admission process should be the model and “law” for all Delaware charter schools. 

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10 responses to “Delaware: East Side Charter School’s enrollment process must be adopted as law for all Delaware charter schools

  1. The greatest proficiency gains made in East Side Charter that everyone is touting was carried by a single cohort of students that went from 62 students in the third grade (2010/2011) to 29 students in the 5th grade (2012/2013).
    Unless you can look at the gains of each individual student, then the possibility that the students who left the school were ones that did not perform well enough to meet standard is too great to ignore.
    What difference does it make if the student body engineering is happening on the front end or somewhere in between?


  2. kilroysdelaware

    “62 students in the third grade (2010/2011) to 29 students in the 5th grade (2012/2013)”

    Yep your are 100% correct on the numbers.


    • Jack, CAB and Conrad are magnet schools. Those are schools that highlight a speciality such as the arts for CAB and Science and Technology for Conrad. CSW is 100% charter.


    • On the states page CSW is listed as a Red Clay school. Wouldn’t that make it a magnet? Their specialty is math and science.


    • CSW is a charter school that is chartered by Red Clay, not the state. It is not a magnet – a magnet (Cab and Conrad) is a Red Clay school and run by the district and governed by the RCCD school board.


  3. Nice catch Nelia. That makes the DOE’s boasts obsolete in my opinion. That’s over 1/2 the students that are gone. Can you do this with Booker T as well?


  4. Paging Matt Albright….

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  5. All useful information such as Nelia’s statistical observation is wasted on the DOE, Coach and “de Gov”; they’ll keep repeating the same white lies and damn statistics until they are repeatedly call on it; they will then move to another that is circuitously related to what they are selling.

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  6. My comment about CAB and Conrad should have stated they like CSW all are not available to all, also they have over 600 students from other districts and RC students are provided transportation. [no K-5 schools are provided choice transportation.]
    What has this done to AI, Dickinson and McKean?