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Dear Santa: Please restore Delaware Governor Jack Markell’s conscious so he can see black children are people too

Dear Santa:

I am sorry to be the bearer of such bad news but being Kilroy is a thankless Job.

Our Delaware Governor Jack Markell promised to address the re-segregation of Delaware public schools and the skimming and cherry picking of high-achieving students via charter school admission preferences. Santa, my previous blog post Secret video of Delaware Governor Jack Markell calling for moratorium on charter schools Posted on by kilroysdelaware provides a video of Jack making a commitment to address the punitive social atrocities inflicted on Delaware’s African-American children. Santa that video was taken back in 2008 prior to the primary election for Delaware governorship. I am sure you have a letter from 2008 reporting the Jack Markell decided to disregard his party’s pick for governor John Carney and said screw John. Jack did bump John out of the race but God intervened and blessed John Carney with a successful bid for United States Congress far more prestigious than being governor of Delaware. Sadly, Jack’s win as governor cursed the minority children of Delaware. Jack has been playing Corporate Santa Claus by sending money needed for more teachers in high needs schools to his Wall Street cronies. Santa, Jack is building a nest-egg off the backs of Delaware’s poor children.

Santa, I know Jack doesn’t celebrate Christmas as many Christians because he is of another faith. So can you just do me a little favor as you fly over Jack’s house? Can you get Rudolph to make a pit stop on Jack’s roof and you get off and yell down his chimney, hey putz I know Yitzhak Yosef and I am tell him you stink! Santa Jack has a little helper named Publius and I was wondering if you can stop by his house and have Dasher sneak in and piss in his bottle of Maker’s Mark 46 🙂 Publius has a conscious by his heart is growing cold 😉



P.S. Keep an eye on DE DOE California Barbie

If allegations are substantiated against Family Foundation will their be criminal charges? NOPE

DOE and State Board issue decisions on charter schools up for renewal

Murphy also recommended the Board defer a decision on Family Foundations’ charter renewal application due to additional information the Department  received since the close of the Charter School Accountability Committee’s review process. As a result of DOE monitoring and investigation, the Department obtained a report near the close of business on Wednesday that include serious allegations of financial mismanagement and requires inquiry by the Department. Family Foundations’ board has agreed to waive the 60-day time period for a decision on its renewal application.

Keep in mind allegations are just that and no matter what it all needs to follow the process to determine truth. However, if all turns out to be true you can bet there’ll be no criminal charges.

Criminal charges against any charter organization or individual would be disastrous against the charter school movement in Delaware and the governor himself. Governor Markell pretty much owns the Delaware GOP being it’s chair is an owner of a charter school and it’s members all on board with privatizing public education via charter schools. Governor Markell pretty much owns the Delaware Democratic Party with the exception of a handful of legislators. Markell will do anything even possibly break the law himself to protect his egotistic personal agenda being build on falsehoods associated with public school reform. 

If allegations are warranting criminal charges it might be the best thing that ever happen to the charter school movement in Delaware. It would be a wake-up call and perhaps we’ll see an end to some of the vendor $$$$ kick backs in areas such as building maintenance and improperly coded expenditures coded to maintenance. Charter schools don’t have to follow contract bid laws! But more importantly, once Delaware shows courage and pursues criminal charges and convicts the thieves within our public school system both traditional and charters personnel might think twice. With legislators like Hudson backing off of key transparency legislation we’ll never get a grip on corruption of public education funds also known as taxpayers money. Asking schools to present public financial reports based on IBUs and more importantly MBUs would be like demanding Governor Markell to make public the investments he made in technology funds related to education and vendors Delaware uses. We see school finance reports with expenditures under the cell “other” and we’re talking million of dollars across the board. Other what ?  Markell and DE DOE is bent on data but when it comes to school finances they circle the wagon!

Can you image if former Lt. Governor now Attorney General Denn is presented with a state auditor’s report warranting criminal charges for any traditional or charter school employee! Surely Jack will be on the red phone sweet-talking Denn and reminding him of 2016. But Denn is much smarter than Jack and would do the right thing by issues warrants if applicable. Make note folks, “misusing” public funds re: schools isn’t a crime unless that money or purchases are transferred in the name of the employee, family or person(s) not employees. A school leader with uninhibited spending powers can buy or lease a Lamborghini as long as it stays in the school’s name. Stupidity isn’t a crime and the real injustice would be school board members looking the other way. So who would be more of a disservice to the community the school leader making unwise purchases or the school board not intervening? As far as Family Foundation I know nothing other than when it goes through the meat-grinder stupidity may prevail ;). They’ll be no legal basis for any criminal charges.