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Delaware schools re-segregating, report says Matthew Albright, The News Journal

Though its schools were once among the most desegregated in the country, Delaware and Wilmington in particular is rapidly returning to a system in which many black and Latino students attend separate schools than their white cohorts, the UCLA Civil Rights Project says in a report released 

But many local leaders see the state sliding back toward segregated schools. Last month, the ACLU of Delaware and the Community Legal Aid Society filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights arguing charter schools were causing re-segregation in Delaware schools by picking and choosing students.

New Castle County Councilman Jea Street, a long-time Wilmington education activist who is supporting the complaint, says the UCLA study simply reinforces what many in the city have long known.

I don’t think the state or school officials recognize how legally vulnerable they are to facing the great possibility of legal action,” Street said. “I think 2015 is going to be a historical year in education, and it’s up to state officials to decide whether we do it the easy way or the hard way.”

It’s obvious Red Clay is still being controlled by outside third-party individuals who are part of the insane public school reform movement that is bent on undermining traditional public schools to justify charter schools.

Many forget a few years back Senator Belvins called for a moratorium on charter schools which did pass. However, the charter organizers just sat the year out stuffing politicians pockets with $$. Then the charter flood gates opened.  

As far as segregation goes, most all charter school organizers will say, there isn’t re-segregation because the Neighborhood Schools Act allows community school student population to reflect the demographics of the surrounding schools. Then there is school Choice! Obviously minority parents make the Choice to enroll their children in racially identifiable schools. So at the end of the day we’re down to de facto segregation. (help me out Hube).

Could it be black children prefer to attend school with other black children or that being the  wishes of their parents? Also, why are there black charter school leaders comfortable with predominately black schools? We can go deeper! Is there a concern in the black community that white educators are still bias toward the black culture.

I think the road to real reform and real Choice starts with Wilmington being united in voice in regards to education. Four school district, a charter school network and voctech district fragments the voice and stagnates real efforts for change. We often hear about collaboration as being a driving force in positive change. However, there is no real collaboration is a fragmented Wilmington. I rant about rich white billionaire and millionaire males controling education reform for minorities but isn’t that pretty much the truth? Sure the white knights grab a few black tokens whom in many cases aren’t decision-makers is the circle of change. When was the last time Governor Markell had dinner with Jea Street or Theo Gregory ? Markell will drop his schedule for Rodel and sneaky Pete and son Re-Pete. There is an old saying, if you are important to the issues your phone will be ringing instead of you dialing. Publius knows what I am talking about! He lives in a world where he thinks he is important but if he didn’t have a dime in his pocket he’ll be irrelevant. 

The first step to change is either Red Clay provide preferential Choice busing for Wilmington children to middle and high schools of their choice and that choice have preference over  in-district and out of district choice students including their siblings. Red Clay refuses to add middle and high school programs in Wilmington because they claim it will further re-segregate Wilmington. I think they are correct! However, the additions of new suburban Red Clay elementary schools all in the name of “we have no choice due to Neighborhood Schools Act” at the same time Red Clay city schools have empty seats is bullshit! Why should their be force busing one-way out-bound of Wilmington to Red Clay middle and high schools in the suburbs and not to fill empty Wilmington empty elementary school seats? Red Clay’s Warner-Shortlidge move sends a message they can do what they want a minorities are easier to control and contain. 

Charter schools, we must ask ourselves, why are we allowing charter schools to be organized to solely serve at-risk children mostly African-Americans? More importantly, why are we building separate charter schools for overachievers and under achievers. I attended schools where there were honors type programs and intervention programs all in the same building. Red Clay is pushing inclusion of special needs children in mainstream classes because they feel these kids are being discriminated against. In the big picture is Red Clay saying handicap kids are more of a person than black children alienated in Choice and charter schools that lack equity in transportation to and from school? The Delaware charter school law allows charter schools via preferences to be selective of students whereas with traditional schools have doors that swing one-way for all students. The time has come to end specific interest in standalone schools. Charter schools should be required to provide education services to all students regardless of handicap or academic performance and that goes for magnet schools. As far as separate programming within schools, I think specific interest could be OK as long as the “school” is open to all students. Charters are creating a system of schools that are exclusive to honor levels, at risk, special ed and students performing at average levels above set state standards. Charter school appears to be grading children like cattle! Such as U.S. Prime, U.S. Choice, U.S. Select. We are one world were at the end of the day our children enter their adulthood and must live within this one world. Charter schools may be undoing gains in advancements in culture diversity and understanding. But there are parents who don’t give a rat’s ass about any of this. They want their children in a school conducive to teaching and learning without fear of their children being subjected to turf-wars, jailhouse dominance culture, bullying and full of classroom disruptive due to negative behavior. It seems stereotyping puts more blacks children to a disadvantage than white students. However, take a hard look at all the school massacres! You’ll see predominately young white males often victims of bullying by their white peers. 

The jury is in and something needs to be done and we need to address re-segregation by ending “academic” segregated schools. Why does Red Clay offer votech like program such as culinary when we have votechs? Why does Red Clay have a school for the arts when all schools should have art programs within? In the respects to academics, all school are required to met state guidelines therefore academically, all school must provide the same. What next, a charter school with specific interest for marching band? A charter school for those who want to compete in swimming? Cross-country? As far as military themes, JrROTC has been in traditional schools for year! We don’t need charter schools and we need needs based funding and understanding the arts are and have been one of the most important bridges to cultural understanding and acceptance. Odd as it sounds, Motown has done more to bridge the races than public schools.

As for Priority Schools which are predominately African-Americans, OMG, teachers who chose to teach in high needs schools whereas may have seniority not to are being questioned as professional because funding isn’t proved on needs-basis!! Poverty is not an excuse to fail nor not teach with heart and soul! However, the conditions of poverty does stagnate the ability to teach and learn. The Priority Schools game is all about pushing public education to a privatized education system where capitalist like Jack Markell can $$$ feed. Looks at some of the founding members of the charter school organizers. If it was about the kids what are they $$$$ feeding off of charter schools. Unibrow has cashed in big time!  Also, why is the state closing low-performing charter schools when parents make that choice? DE DOE says it’s all about the kids but they don’t stop these kids from returning to failing feeder-schools! How is closure a win for children?

One thing many don’t understand is, charter schools supported by Wall Street is a means to attempt to bust the biggest and strongest labor union on Earth aka teacher unions. Why? Because bringing Mike Matthews the last starfighter to his knees sets the stage for the big prize! Busing the teacher unions is the means to busting prevailing wages in all trades. If you are going to divide and conquer your bring down the big guy first! But one thing for sure, the NAACP aka the biggest people union better wake up and serve it’s members. Delaware and Red Clay were part of the ground zero for desegregation and to standby and preach to the choir and do nothing, allows the white corporate supremacist to feed $$$ off of poverty in our schools in a way that diverts funding to the classroom needs such as more teachers and into the pockets of Wall Street capitalist who are part of building a data dashboard that gives new meaning to racial profiling. Why did Red Clay allow Teach for America access to students personal information? Raw data is raw but why the need to tag it with names?

To Jea Street and Theo Gregory : the lord has been very good to both of you and we all are keepers of the glorious garden God gave us! There are snakes in the garden and they need to go! Wilmington can’t be a place to be somebody is nobody stands up for our children! Those who rally on MLK day to paint walls and pick-up trash need to put the paint on signs and carry King’s message that the work of civil rights is far from over! As far as the Twins, the work of Hick’s has been reduced to rubble! Why do you allow Markell to deface Title 1 Section 1118 your father work so hard for? Why is it an old white ass like me invokes the name of your father more than you? I was one of the very first to be served by Title 1 and though I only have a GED and a pocketful of college credits I must give some thanks to Title 1 and your dad! Man-up twins! Hey surfer girl from Cali, take the Markell blinders off if you want to stay beyond 2016. Charter schools in Delaware can’t survive unless they discriminate and that’s a bad thing! We can only pray Governor Denn 2016 will rule with his heart and not with his wallet like Markell. We don’t need capitalist running our schools! We need humanist! We need to replace lawyers serving on local school boards with sociologists who have the real vision and foresight to comprehend the real issues. Hey Norm, talk to that child of yours and tell her Superman is calling out sick so Wonder Woman needs to pick up the slack! 


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  1. Publius e decere

    Nice self-description. Would Westover Hills get the “Wilmington Preference” too?


  2. So this makes you a bad person and a racist?

    “They want their children in a school conducive to teaching and learning without fear of their children being subjected to turf-wars, jailhouse dominance culture, bullying and full of classroom disruptive due to negative behavior.”


    • kilroysdelaware

      No Greg and for the most part I think it’s the heart and soul why parents prefer charter schools. The sad part is many good children even those failing are penalized by selective charters catering to the more white affluent.

      our “public” school system has been hijacked and is being dismantled and far from fair and equitable. This is where concerns with civil rights come in. It would be a crime if movie theaters required white customers to sit of the left side and black on the right.

      The push for charter schools had more to do with circumventing the intent of desegregation than improving public education. If the goal was to improve public education it wouldn’t required specific interest as in school for overachievers and schools for underachievers.

      White parents who chose charter schools like CSW and NCS aren’t racist! However, the founding fathers of the charter schools are clear racist and the laws was crafted to create segregated charter schools by slanted admission preferences. Paula Dean admits using the N word and she is a villain. However people who wore armband saying “Save A.I” re: desegregation now associated with charter schools are praise as unsung heroes and education innovators.

      The day is coming that all charter schools will have open random lotteries. And if not, federal court will be in session! I think the DE DOE
      newbies coming from the west coast are being used to help promote and continue the work of the Delaware White Star Chamber!

      The reason NCLB hasn’t be re-authorized is because the waivers are being used as tools to promote privatization.

      Public schools all of them must have equal uninhibited access to all children! The current system does not! It’s all coming to an end within the next 5 years!

      Publius has an eye out for Kilroy bait however he didn’t realize there wasn’t any bait just a long rope he is hanging himself with. Word on the street is he pissed off the wrong person. Word has it Jack isn’t happy with him setting fire to the opposition.

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    • Publius e decere

      Wow, I didn’t realize you were best buds with the Governor. Give him my best wishes. One day I might meet him. Can I use you as a reference?

      You have been ranting for days now about why schools with challenging programs are wrong. If the challenge is being presented at the very beginning of the school career (Kindergarten) then I guess the only people (in this case parents) who would be put off are people who are deciding they don’t want to have the student work hard for the next thirteen years. Rare, but possible. If a school with entrance at “K” is discriminating they should be called out and closed. But if they are not, and only the families willing to accept the challenge are applying, then where is your beef?

      When a 6th grade or a 9th grade entering class has a challenging program which way too many people apply to, isn’t it fair to give a preference to students who are minimally prepared for it (shorter: interested in it). And if they are not minimally prepared for (interested in) it, then why blame the school with the challenging program? Why not blame — which you are so dead set to do — the PRIOR schools who did not ensure an effective education to that student?

      Most of us are not interested in blame. You, Kilroy, apparently are. That is sad.

      If you are against preferencing student who are minimally ready, then by extension you are against IB, AP, MYP, STEM, ECA, Honors, as well as the several magnets and charters which have, by design, challenging programs.

      So tell us, what is your answer? Just enter every student into every charter and choice and IB-AP-MYP-STEM-ECA-Honrs lottery in the state and then roll the dice and assign them by the lottery outcome? Without regard to their choice, preparation, desires, proximity or input? With legislators like some who apparently post or read here, you might very well get your wish.

      Soviet Delaware. Choices are for aristocrats. Bully for you.



  3. kilroysdelaware

    Not against preferences even with specific interest! I just feel the menu of choices need to be in the same restaurants (schools) no racially seeded country clubs (charter schools).

    “Most of us are not interested in blame. You, Kilroy, apparently are. That is sad.”

    Publius you’re not in the group re: blame! You have moved up to shame! Shame on you!

    “Wow, I didn’t realize you were best buds with the Governor. Give him my best wishes. One day I might meet him. Can I use you as a reference?”

    Jack and I go way back to pre 2008 primary! In our phone summits he assure me he wasn’t Rodel’s puppet! Also, he was his own person. Jack is a wonderful person and good family man! However, as governor he’s been out of his league from day one. When you do get chance to meet him ask him about that night in Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago and that little thing in Downer Grove ;). Jack was quite a Tony Manero LOL :). Just don’t ask about Alan’s Polaroids 😉


  4. Publius, it almost feels like everything you say means we are picking on the top charters. We are! But seriously, Delaware’s schools are a mess. I know we can agree on that. Playjng the blame game doesn’t help anyone except those who want to blame (myself included) unless you do something about it. Do you think the ACLU thing just materialized out of thin air? There’s a reason why it’s happening, and it isn’t because schools did the right thing. I haven’t lived in Delaware my whole life, only a little less than a quarter of it. But it seems to me Delaware likes to write their own little laws without realizing some of these laws actually contradict federal law. And then when they get caught with their ass in the wind, they stand there shocked saying “what happened”? It’s a risky game this little state plays, and it’s starting to catch up with them.


  5. No dog in this fight

    Publius is one of the few writers on this blog who makes sense and his/her entry above is spot-on. Those who read this blog should pay attention to Publius’ writings.

    Gary Orfield is a complete ass. He hasn’t met a white person he likes if that white person caused any school to be over 50% white. I thought he dried up and blew away, but according to the article referred to earlier, he has reappeared.


  6. Why does Red Clay have a school for the arts when all schools should have art programs within?

    This month my family attended a performance of Peter Pan at Cab Calloway, and it was wonderful, as I expected it would be. But back in my schooldays, many of the district schools put on equally spirited performances each year. I remember attending some classic US musical theater at McKean in the 1970s, shows like “Anything Goes,” and “Highbutton Shoes” – which as I recall, featured an elaborate doorway farce number, on as I recall a two-story set depicting a hotel hallway on two different floors. And multiple performances of Our Town and Music Man. Each spring, more than one school would put on a major production – Dickinson, McKean, Brandywine – there was no separate arts school, and the district ended up with MORE arts programming, not less.

    As awesome as Cab’s Peter Pan was, I couldn’t help thinking about all the traditional district schools now limping along without drama programs or the students to fill them.