It appears Charter School of Wilmington leaders are out to OWN Red Clay’s Superintendent Merv

The recent attacks on Red Clay by Charter School of Wilmington leaders during Red Clay school board meeting appears to be undermining Superintendent Merv.

Charter School of Wilmington is a Red Clay charted charter school. Red Clay is the charter school authorizing agent and oversight agent. Though Red Clay just reauthorized CSW’s charter for another five year, Red Clay can at anytime say we’re getting out of the charter school business and not plan to renew CSW charter again in five year. In doing so Red Clay would need to ask CSW to leave the Red Clay Wilmington Campus if CSW gain a charter under DE DOE and I doubt DE DOE would approve the Specific Interest. Red Clay never deemed the space CSW is using as “surplus” in entered into an agreement with CSW as CSW was a school designed by Red Clay (through the hand of racists). If CSW was no more re: a Red Clay charter, Red Clay would need that space to fill the void.  All this is unlikely to happen because via the political powers within public education Merv would be toast if he ever called for the end of CSW. 

The little school board dance CSW is doing is disrespectful towards Merv and the Red Clay school board. CSW violated state law with their self-imposed major charter modification vote. Red Clay order CSW to rescind that vote. They did so within the authority of  being CSW approval and oversight agent. And sure there is a debate but Red Clay asked that CSW follow the law. Red Clay’s board vote that didn’t follow Robert’s Rule of Order re: one meeting rule before taking action is a rule. The action Red Clay board took didn’t required a formal charter school review meeting. CSW decided they make the rules and Merv can just kiss their ass!

Honestly the event did draw out debate on CSW specific interest question and to their defensive in principle I support there objection because Red Clay does the same with Conrad , Cab, Dickinson IB and now with A.I. High School’s new program. I must yield and support CSW. But hat doesn’t mean I don’t feel the law needs to be changed in all cases. However, CSW’s latest action had to do with CSW putting Red Clay student last on the admission preference order. CSW seemed to forget CSW is a “Red Clay” school with supreme authority going to Red Clay not CSW.  

I honestly feel Red Clay’s school board ask Merv to reevaluate it leadership structure in the way of Red Clay charter school oversight. There seems to be some level of conflict of interest within the organizational chart. CSW has it’s right however, there is an internal process whereas Merv and grant CSW the right to file a major charter modification application. But it appears CSW action signals the have no real respect for Merv. The behavior tone of CSW is a direct implementation Merv is unfit because Merv can’t control Red Clay’s school board. It’s obvious that CSW’s school board owns their school leader. The action of the school board member(s) is a direct reflection on the CSW school leader and is counterproductive to CSW’s school leaders efforts to find resolve in the issues through standard professional protocol. Though one board member doesn’t represent all board members their unprofessional behavior is creating a momentum whereas changes in organizational composition may be in order. Those who subscribe to good leaders shouldn’t degrade their subordinates in public forum should consider following their own business model. Sadly changes are coming and the farewell of a CSW friend re: reassignment may bring personal sadness to one who’s ego is moving past his sense of pride. 


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  1. However the State Legislature can call for the abolishment of Charters across the state… Considering there are zero charter schools now functioning well, and 10 charters in the news as horrible places to put children, banning charters across the state could very well be in the best public interest… Just getting a bill on the table in January will certainly focus a razor on the harm charter schools do to children in both their own schools, and the public schools from which they steal property tax money meant for public schools….. ..

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  2. Kuumba Charter tested 55% proficient in reading at 3rd Grade… Brookside Elementary (a Christina Public School) tested 76%…. If you as a parent pulled your child out of Brookside and put them in Kuumba Charter, most of us would say you probably harmed that child by putting him in a place with sub-standard education. …